New Artwork Coming to Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro Station

From a Metro press release:

“Metro’s Art in Transit Program worked with the Chinatown Community Cultural Center to select the art, a four-paneled piece by Maryland-based artist Martha Jackson Jarvis. The art will be installed at the southeast entrance of the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metrorail station at 7th and F streets next spring.”

What metro station do you think has the best art?

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  • I love the sculpture outside the Petworth metro (east side of Georgia Ave), as well as that incredible mural inside the same metro.

  • Is this artist displaying her work for free? Because last time I checked, Metro had some serious budget issues. I think that purchasing artwork should be the last thing on their “stuff that needs to get done at Metro” list!

    • According to the WMATA site, the art is donated, and “[t]here is no cost to Metro to fabricate and install the proposed artwork. Funding for the fabrication and installation of the artwork is provided by the DC Arts Commission, Target, and Pepco. There is a nominal annual cost to Metro for routine cleaning.”

      I like this idea. Much better than a bunch of billboards.

    • being a working artist, I’d be willing to bet that her “payment” was the joy, prestige and bragging rights of being selected the winner of a contest.

      I’ve seen so many contests in which the ultimate prize is this ‘exposure’ which is supposed to get your phone ringing off the hook…. not so much.

      • she’s definitely one of dc best and most well known artists. i’d bet she’s getting paid.

        what do you make taylorstreetman?

  • should sell all that wall space for ads.

  • Any family relation to Charlene Drew Jarvis? Former Councilwoman from Ward 4?

  • The bottom right one looks like it should be airbrushed on to the hood of a 98 Honda civic

  • Edvard Munch’s The Scream would be a more appropriate artwork for Metro.

  • Metro ought to be consdering proposals that will make them more money instead of proposals that willthat cost them money.

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