More Good Work from MPD and the Community

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In a press release sent late last night MPD writes:

“A few minutes ago, members of the Third District Crime Suppression Team acted upon information received from the community and was able to stop an adult male dressed in all black in the company of another adult male, in the 1300 block of Park Road, NW. As a result of the information received and the actions of the officers during the stop, the team recovered a .38 cal handgun from the adult male and has since placed this individual under arrest without incident.. Thanks to all that contributed! Another gun and another gun user off the street!”

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  • sounds like the credit should go to the snitch, not the cops.

  • before we all start lauding another gun user of the street, let’s see if he’s actually tried on weapons charges. from what i’ve heard the problem isn’t with MPD making these arrests, but the DA actually charging anyone with the offense that would lock them up for a while.

  • Believe me. The guy will get charged and tried. He may not get much time. But he WILL be charged. Unless…the gun doesn’t fire. In that case, he wasn’t a threat anyway.

  • Good job MPD! It’s not the snitch that put their life at risk to lock up this guy. And if you think just because the gun doesn’t fire doesn’t make him a threat, wait until you’re pistol whipped. He wasn’t carrying it around as a theater prop.

    (Besides the new criteria is not if the gun is operational, but whether it *appears* to be operational)

  • He was in possession of a gun. No evidence that he used it. This is the kind of stuff that makes MPD expert witnesses useless on the stand. I watched them engage in the same fact-stretching exercise while on a jury.

  • And the guy’s crime was….?

  • Concealed weapon without a permit? Maybe unregistered?

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