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  • I’ve never been impressed with the restaurant upstairs, but the little bar at street level is excellent and is usually empty. They do in fact have a great selection of gins, for the seemingly small number of us who appreciate them.

    Also, I keep getting that annoying “Could not open socket” error again today 🙁

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sorry about all the commenting aggravation. It should work now, and the bigger issue is being worked on.

  • It looks nice from the outside as I walk by to go to Open City for brunch.

  • Is the place in CH going to now be called “Old Heights”?

  • New Heights has been around for a long time. Don’t know when it opened but it was there when I was a kid. It never seems busy but I guess there are enough rich regulars to keep it going. I’ve been for the patio-bar menu but the upstairs is the same price point as DC’s best restaurants without any of the fanfare so I haven’t bothered to go.

  • They do a really wonderful charcuterie plate, which is available in the downstairs bar. Also, it’s called the “Gin Joint” for a reason — they’ve got a huge array of gins, some very tasty artisinal tonics and they make great cocktails using ingredients like cucumber, mint, jalapeno and yuzu (thought not all at once!).

  • I like the food quite a bit. The charming owners have a real talent for finding young creative and talented chefs to work for them.

  • Logan Cox (the chef) is the man. He previously worked at Palena and the now defunct Colvin Tavern (Kinkead’s spinoff). Awesome food… totally underrated.

  • Oh and the bartender makes some great drinks too.

  • Its actually quite good. I would not say that it is priced nearly as high as DC’s best restaurants, probably 20% less. If I remember right entrees were in the $20-30 range (3 course pre-fixe was ~$35). They have a pretty decent cocktail menu and the dining room is attractive. Service was a bit spotty, and the charcuterie plate we ordered was a strange (some VERY chewy duck). The entrees themselves were quite good. Overall I would recommend it, its certainly a step above the quality of the surrounding restaurants in Woodley if you are looking for something a little upscale.

  • It’s fine dining, a very good foodie restaurant for, say, date night or dinner out with the parents. Compared to the not-that-great-food restaurant/bars of nearby Adams Morgan and Woodley, it’s a standout. At least as good as Cashion’s and Perry’s but more subdued atmosphere.
    The Little Fountain down on 18th is also good, but last time I was there it smelled kinda funny, like they had mopped up a sewage leak or something.

  • Secret Service are always there…who’s the frequent diner?

    • You sure they’re at New Heights? I always assumed they were grabbing something to eat at Open City. They’re always passing through the Woodley/Woodland neighborhoods because of all the hotshot senators/congressmen who live around there.

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