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Funxion is located at 1309 F Street, NW. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about this downtown spot. For those who have been do you prefer it for the restaurant or the bar? I’ve heard the burgers are pretty good. Any other must order items? You can see their menus here.

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  • They overcharged my credit card and still to this day the issue has not been resolved. I was offered a free juice drink. No thanks, save your juice. But overall, the food is great. I am a vegetarian, so the menu suits my diet well. The drinks are great also.

  • Went there the first week they were open; all cash registers/computers were down. They could make change for cash-only sales; not a gripe except I waited 20+ minutes and didn’t even make it to the counter to order (line was only 7-8 pp deep). The next time I went specifically for the no-mayo tuna salad advertised online and in print menu, but it wasn’t on their ‘board’ and so not available. Tried a third time a few weeks later, another long line and still slow counter service. They should stick with the nightclub name, Dis-funxion.

  • It seems too pretentious for its location and lunch-time clientele. Despite working around the corner and being constantly bored by my lunch options I’ve never even set foot in there, because screw those guys and their mod street furniture.

    That said, I heard the sandwiches are good.

  • It’s empty for a reason.

    Go to the salad/sandwich place next door. It’s awesome and has a great steak sandwich.

  • I really enjoy this place. They have a bunch of interesting cocktails (on their “Dysfunxion” menu) that include healthy ingredients — fruits, herbs, even veggies — giving you license to indulge. The pizzas are pretty good, and though I haven’t tried the burgers, I hear they’re tasty.

    I also love the fact that they have bubbly water on tap, free of charge. The bartenders are friendly and the service is personable.

  • a friend of mine had a big party there on a saturday night. it seems as though the place turns into sort of a club at night with dj and some dancing if you want (but no designated floorspace). it’s a bizarre location. drinks were solid though, but the vibe was very eurotrash.

  • hmm. i had never heard of this place but the chef is on the today show right now.

    he also said that you should only eat red meat a few times a week.

  • So far I’ve been to Funxion three times. Each time was a good experience. The food is good (especially the pizzas and burgers) and I hear its good for you too!

    It was a bit slow when they first opened, but they seemed to have worked the kinks out, and I’ve smooth service in my recent visits.

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