Judging Renderings – Vida Senior Residences

The groundbreaking for this project, located at 1330 Missouri Avenue NW, will be this Tues. From a press release:

“VIDA Senior Centers invite you to join Mayor Adrian Fenty, Angel Luis Irene of VIDA Senior Centers, representatives from City First Bank of DC, city officials, friends and neighbors at the groundbreaking for the construction of 36 units of Affordable Housing for Seniors and a new Senior Service Center at the future home of the VIDA Senior Residences at Brightwood located at 1330 Missouri Avenue NW in Brightwood (between 13th and 14th on the south side of Missouri Avenue)”.

More details about the building after the jump.

•First new construction in the Brightwood neighborhood in decades as the surrounding existing housing
stock is all pre 1930-1950 construction

•Layered financing utilizing federal stimulus programs (Section 1602 Tax Credit Exchange),
Neighborhood Investment Fund (NIF), private bank debt and Enterprise Green Communities grant

•Building to feature several environmentally sensitive design elements including:

• Vegetative roofing (Green Roof) will be used for approximately 50% of the roof area
to further reduce the heat island effect, heating/cooling loads, and need for storm water
facilities. It is also a project goal that vegetative roofs be integrated with roof terraces
for use by the residents – given the limited area afforded by the site.

• Use of permeable paving within the parking and drive areas will reduce the size/need
for underground storm water structures, allowing potential re-allocation of financial
resources to other uses such as subsidizing programs, services, or rents, and/or other
implementing more green building measures.

• Use of high-emissive roofing will reduce heat island affect and to reduce cooling loads
and associated utility costs.

• Provision of privately-metered electrical services (per unit) and individual hot water
heaters will incentivize energy conservation and reduction of utility bills.

• Use of non-vinyl and non-carpet floor coverings throughout will promote indoor air
quality and reduce long-term maintenance costs.

• Residential units and common spaces will be designed to receive as much natural light
as possible, minimizing the artificial lighting demand and thereby reducing energy
costs and heating demands – in addition to maximizing the quality of the interior

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  • Well I think that the desire to show the neighborhood as it is not as the ideal that this building is supposed to bring is good. However, that looks like a false facade a la a Hollywood soundstage. Except less nice looking.

  • Why move to Miami when Miami can move to you?


  • Let the snark commence. Before you pounce, I’d say this looks like a rendering, not a photo of the real thing. Hence the slightly strange facade look.

    I have an elderly father in decline. Maybe this place will provide an option for him close by, so I’m happy to see it.

  • What are the restrictions for being able to move here? Do you have to have been a DC resident for X years before you qualify? What’s to stop people from PG, Arl, MC counties from moving in here?

  • I hate buildings that look like they get wider at the top. To me it looks awkward and unstable. A bad optical illusion.

  • Just AWFUL. Cinder block monstrosity.

  • take off the thing bolted to the top

  • wow. this is very forward thinking for that area that is a bit less than urban.

  • Would like to see it less identified. No need to advertise that you’re housing a certain class of person. It is demeaning.
    Would never be allowed in a “better” part of town.
    Just look around.
    There are places that serve this purpose on Connecticut and Wisconsin Avenues that you wouldn’t guess by looking at the building.

    • because it says “vida”?

      • It’s not so much what it says but how it says it.
        Dwellings are not so identified in our architectural culture. I don’t overly object to the corner of the building that identifies it as a senior citizen center.

  • I’m just happy that the city has prioritized an affordable senior residency as part of its urban planning. As long as those who live here are comfortable and treated well, I’m fine with the design.

  • Meh on the building facade, but Yay on the initiative by the city to create senior housing and affordable at that. just wish they were closer to cooler things…

  • Definitely yes on creating affordable senior housing.

    Definitely no on that rendering. GAH it’s hideous. Granted, so are the other buildings on that block, but still.

  • I wonder and fret about the older people (some widows/ers) who still live in their old Wardman townhouses. Many of these people would be much more comfortable in a senior living location like this, but there just aren’t any options in DC (at least far NW). And, they don’t want to move to MD and leave their churches, neighbors, community activities. This would also open housing to young families who need the space of a townhouse, but have limited options in DC.

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