Horse’s Ass Award

I’ve been really hoping this one on the 1400 block of 12th St, NW would get fixed up but alas it hasn’t budged in ages. Therefore it gives me no pleasure to nominate this one for a horse’s ass award. It looks like it’d look great with some finishing touches.

Please send your nominations via email with a photo attached.

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  • I’ve been wondering what’s been going on with this too! It’s been at least 2 years right!?

  • That house is awesome inside – it was on the Logan Circle holiday tour of homes a few years ago. It’s absolutely enormous – seriously, there used to be a small factory (not the smokestack kind, more of a garment-type thing) in the back. I mean, the place is like, 7,000 square feet. Way, way bigger than it looks from the street.

    The entire place needed serious, serious rehabbing, and I think they stabilized the outside and have been working there way through the interior one project at a time.

    Also, I believe at least one member of the couple who own it was in the reserves and off on active duty back when I took that holiday tour…that can kinda delay things, too.

    And seriously, I cannot overstate the awesomeness of the interior of that place.

  • Dear PoP: Love the blog, but could you consider changing the name of this series? The whole horse’s ass thing sounds awfully judgmental. As a homeowner in the U street area, I agree that half-finished facades and vacant buildings aren’t ideal, but there are sometimes legitimate reasons for why building improvement project go unfinished. What if the owner had an unexpected illness, personal tragedy, job loss, or some other event? It just seems unfair for outsiders like you or me to judge when we don’t know all of the facts. So, how about the “Half-finished Building Award” or the “Not Quite There Prize”?

  • I’ve lived in the house and it’s closer to 10,000 sq ft. Has an awesome ballroom and alot of potential. But the couple who own it aren’t going to do anything with it. The guy who the previous commentator said was in the reserves in pretty much a borderline absentee landlord. He makes all sorts of grand promises but takes 6-9 months to fix a washing machine. Don’t expect this property to get any better looking on the outside. The funny thing is the owner still thinks he can turn it into a bed and breakfast. With about another $500,000 invested it may be possible.

  • I have no problem with the award’s name although I see Moose’s point. Maybe include a ? mark at the end in case there are compelling reasons for the eyesores. That said, the vast majority of the horses ass recipients you have featured are horses asses.

    What I believe to be 5 or more years as in the current example warrants the award.

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