Dear PoP – Housing for Artists Available

“Dear PoP,

Artist Housing @ Loree Grand. Cultural Development Corporation is currently accepting applications for live/work apartments at Loree Grand – 250 K Street NE. Many 1- bedroom units available, with limited studio and 2-bedroom units. All apartments feature stainless steel appliances, individual washer and dryer and individual heating and cooling. The building also features a rooftop garden, private courtyard, community room and fitness center. Applications, rent schedule, FAQ, virtual tours and more can be found at Units will be leased on a first come, first serve basis to applicants that meet the artistic and financial eligibility. Open to artists, artist households, arts educators and arts administrators.”

Most rents seems to be $1,389 with a min. income of $48,600 and a max. income of $57,512 for 1 person
and $65,728 for 2 people.

You can see the full pricing chart below:


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  • Hmmm… that seems a little pricy for artist housing. The artist housing in Hyattsville starts at $600/month for a one bedroom.

    While I’m sure this buidling has more amenities and a better location, I don’t know if that justifies the addition $700/month in rent. I thought the whole point of artist housing was that it was “afforable”?

    • what artists housing in Hyattsville? do you mean mt. rainier?
      either way, this a tremendously better location.
      and yes, too expensive for artists.

  • I’m an artist! Gimme a house! and keep your dirty gub’ment hands off my Medicare!

  • haha. a testament to how lame the art scene in dc is.

  • They don’t really look like apartments that would get your creative mind going…

  • That’s almost as much as my mortgage. I agree with More is More.. I don’t see how these prices are really any more affordable than other housing options. I would have expected the rents to be under 1k.


  • A cool feature of these for artists is that most (or all) of the artist-designated units are on the lower level, so they have their own entrance from the street along with a small patio area.

    Plus, this is definitely the fanciest building I’ve ever been in… the units and common spaces are even a little nicer than Senate Square, although without the sweet rooftop pool.

  • Why just artists? Why not any low to moderate income profession?

    • you can’t have just any ol’ low income riff-raff in there! It’s gotta be low income artsy fartsy types, because they give the place character!

  • how do they define “artist”? can it be someone who works only part-time as a side business, but whose main job is still within the income limits? “Artist” is very subjective. Is there an objective test like a business license or something they hold by the state? Otherwise, every freshly new grad will hold themselves out to be an artist.

  • I applaud the intention, but too expensive for artists/ arts educators and too slick by half.

  • Setting a minimum income of $48,600 for artists’ housing is ridiculous.

  • As an artist (full time), I can tell you it is very easy to tell who is legit and who isn’t. Just look at the artist’s cv. There’s a big difference between someone who is piddling around and someone who is actively seeking shows, sending out proposals, has a business card and a professional website, not to mention just plain good work.

    Why not other low income professions? Because many of them already get perks (cops, teachers, EMTs, military, etc.) AND they generally don’t “bring up ” the hood. Many cities have created “low rent” live-work housing programs for creatives. Once the neighborhood becomes “quirky” and the values go up, the yuppies move in and they kick out the artists. I don’t recall this phenomena happening when a bunch of cashiers or receptionists move in. Harsh I know, but true.

    $48,600 min. is insane. Clearly they have no idea what a MFA holding adjunct professor makes these days.

    One more thought: lower level with patio just invites break-ins. I would never rent one of these for that reason alone.

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