Dear PoP – Anyone sublet at Argonne or Chatham House?

“Dear PoP,

My boyfriend and I have decided to buy a house/condo, but will probably not find one before his lease runs out in August. So we’re looking for a place to rent while we look. We’ve pretty much narrowed it down to either the Argonne or Chatham House, both on Columbia Road, NW. But we’ll probably end up needing to sublet at some point during the year. Have you or any of your readers had experience with subletting at either of these buildings? Is it permitted, is there a high fee to transfer the lease, etc?”

Well the Argonne has the benefit of having a Pica Taco. Back in April an apartment at the Argonne was an afternoon rental option. Anyone have experience with the Chatham House? Anyone sublet from either?

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  • er, why not just ask building management?

  • Most leases in DC automatically go month-to-month at the end of the initial lease period, is there some reason why you can’t stay where you are until you buy?

  • Are you planning on subletting or actually transferring the lease? My memory is a little foggy on the details because it’s secondhand, but I believe my friend who lived at the Argonne was unable to sublet and paid a somewhat heft fee (one month’s rent, maybe, when she only had three months left on her lease) to transfer the lease.

  • Second what DiegoandFrida’sMom said. You don’t need to extend your lease.

  • saf

    Don’t move into the Argonne. Seriously – I lived there a number of years ago, and it was bad. They claimed to have made it nice when they “renovated” a number of years back, but I’ve had friends live there since, and it’s still really bad.

  • I recently moved from the Argonne, but not because I wanted to get away from the Argonne. My favorite part about living there was the building’s small(ish) gym; free to residents. I sincerely miss having 27/7 access to a gym…in my home. The building’s head doorman Francis is the nicest doorman you could ever ask for. As for the apartment: facilities-wise they’re alright. The north units were recently upgraded and have balconies (major plus), while the southern units have amazing views and plenty of sunlight; but no balconies. The other residents run the gambit from 20s 30s 40s and beyond. There is, however, a lot of noise on the south side which faces Columbia Rd. I lived on the 8th floor and it still sounded like I was on the curb. Columbia Rd and 16th are main arteries for emergency vehicles, so one constantly hears sirens.

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