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  • We might see lots of those around the city today! The ground is just so dry after this heat and no rain, most of it probably just ran off and wasn’t absorbed into the soil after such a brief deluge. Will probably spell trouble for the stormwater system if we see more tonight. Lots of accumulated trash and debris that is just now making it’s way to the gutters and drains after sitting there for a couple of weeks.

  • i’m scared to go home now

  • my server at home is still on – we have power and internet, at least.

  • good thing it didn’t fall 180°, or it would have hit your house, eh?

  • ah

    But if that mulberry is still up, you’re in luck!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Knock wood, miraculously the mulberry survived though I’m currently getting estimates on how much it will cost to remove the branch.

  • Thanks for bringing up the topic of trees. I am sure that you will all agree that trees make the District a much more enjoyable place to live, work and play especially in the hot summer months.

    If you notice any storm damage to street trees, contact the Urban Forestry Administration by calling 311. If a tree has fallen or needs to be removed, be sure to request a new street be planted in its place. They will provide you with a reference number to track your request.

    If there is damage to trees on your property, hire a certified arborist to properly examine the tree. It is important to hire a specialist in the care of trees. You can search for a certified arborist at GoodTreeCare.com.

    If you need to remove a tree, be sure to replace it. Casey Trees can help. We have several programs including Tree Rebates available to help you replace or add new trees at home and in your neighborhood.

    To help your trees withstand future storms be sure to regularly water them. Practice 25 to Stay Alive and give your trees 25 gallons of water per week. This is equal to 1.5 inches of rainfall.

    If you make the 25 to Stay Alive pledge online, we will send you a complimentary rain gauge to help you track rainfall totals at home. If you receive less than 1.5 inches of rain, you know to water your trees. You can also pick up free slow-release watering bags (Ooze Tubes) from our downtown office during normal business hours.

    I encourage you to learn more about how you can add trees at homes and in your neighborhood by visiting http://www.caseytrees.org.

    • So what is the best way to request a replacement for a missing/dead street tree? Is that also 311 (Mayor’s call center) or is there a better way to make this request? Can you only request one for in front of your house, or could you report several missing/dead trees on your block?

      • ah

        I requested one for in front of my house and the city planted 3!

        Not so great, since one of them is right in front of my front steps.

        But, yes, 311. They plant in the winter to spring, although they planted mine in late May, sometime after the last rain (until today). I’ve done all I can to keep them going, but that’s not easy.

    • Wat can we do about all of the new and dying trees the city just planted? There are too many of them (New Hampshire ave.) to water alone. I have been watering 3 of them near my house and that takes some serious effort! I the city for watering the new trees they plant? Do I call 311? THANKS!

  • Looks like we are neighbors. Our house is in that picture!

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