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  • Well, the little half-sphere twirly thing is definitely measuring wind speed. It’s called an anemometer. (I can’t tell from the angle of the picture, but it is also probably capturing wind direction.)

    As for the rest of it, there may be some more equipment to measure rainfall or humidity or something, or it may just be a data collection device for the wind measurements.

    A small rowhouse may want wind data if they’re considering installing a small wind turbine of like 250-500 watts or something. Maybe it’s part of a pilot program for a local small wind turbine installer? I agree that it’s fairly strange for a rowhouse. To capture better wind, they should probably be measuring / installing much higher than just above the roofline.

  • They could be a contributor to the Weatherbug Network.


  • for science. what of it.

    • hahahaha. I had to laugh at that. Pure science is the only science, it should need no reason.

  • ah

    Or Wunderground.

    In fact, it’s looking a lot like a Davis Wireless VantagePro2 Plus.

    The thing on the arm measures wind speed and direction. The round thing measures rainfall as well as temperature, with a radiation shield to eliminate the effects of the sun at the bottom (the white rings).


  • Because you like the weather!

  • I don’t know why the homeowner wanted a weather station, but I’m very glad he did, and that he/she connected it to the internet to share it everyone. I love having weather that is so local that I can probably see the station from my roof. I regularly check the page that “ah” posted. So, if the homeowner happens to see this somehow: Thank you!


    (captcha: stoned future)

  • It sends signals to the Black Helicopter People to identify Mind Radicals for the squads of Thought Police that will surely be sneaking zombie pills into my tap-water immediately.

    [ref. robot gangster computer-god alert motive broacast defrag controls]

  • How does the arrangement with Wunderground work? Will they pay you for the data you collect or subsidize the cost of the equipment? Or is it all voluntary?

  • saf

    Weather geeks just like having weather stations. (Several years ago, I bought one for the husband for Christmas. There are instruments on the roof and in the backyard, with a readout display in the kitchen.)

    • Yeah, this. My parents are pilots and boaters, and even if they’re not taking the pleasure-craft out today, they have this weird deep-seated NEED to know the exact weather. And they know what all those numbers mean. They have theirs out on the dock behind their house, with the read-out panel in the kitchen.

  • yeah dude, it measures anemoms. What.

  • Duh, it’s a deep space probe droid. Cripes, haven’t you ever seen “The Empire Strikes Back”?
    Where’s Chewie with his cross-bow when you need him?

  • I’d love to have one, but $1,000 is a bit pricey for my level of interest.

    • ah

      You can get much less expensive ones that give you temp./humidity, and even rainfall, for a lot less money, and maybe without upload capability. This is the weather equivalent of a gaming rig PC–way more than you need for basic use.

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