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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

How have you been coping with the heat?

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  • Rave: Did the girlfriend/parent introduction last night and it couldn’t have gone better.

    Double Rave: Two nights of Phish at Merriweather this weekend. I have no complaints except for the humidity.

    • Almost forgot. After 49 weeks of stealing parking with no valid permits, skirting construction time laws, abandoning equipment for weeks or months at a time, and general assholery, the construction on the condos across the street from me finally appears to be done. Flatbeds came this morning to pick up jersey barriers and fencing. Happy days!

  • Rant: Someone opened a package I had delivered and stole two throw pillows out of it.

    Rave: I finally made it to Ehiopic and it was delicious.

  • Rave: Ready for the farmer’s market
    Rave: Whomever suggested Hugh Keith for roofing. We have had an issue ever since we moved in our house with our front porch…. long story. So, I called Keith last Friday they came out on Tuesday and had a new roof put on my front porch by early Tuesday afternoon. Considering, I thought the whole thing was going to have be ripped down I am very happy with the outcome. It wasn’t cheap (but oh so much cheaper than a whole new structure) but it was quality work and I really, hope it solves the problem. I will not know for sure until we get a good rain.

    • Lei–mind sharing the cost of the new roof? Need to do the same, but have no idea what to expect $ wise. Have heard great things about Keith and want to quality, but hopefully not break the bank. Thanks so much!

      • Make sure you pay attention to the material going on your roof and the expected lifetime of said material.

        You can roofs in the low thousands that will only last you 1-2 years. Also, it’s extremely easy to estimate roofing material cost by calling a supply center like ABC supply and telling them your roof size.

        • Well it was just the front porch roof and it was modified butimen. It cost about $2700. I was just so happy that he didn’t think we needed to do something to the actual structure that 2700 sounded really good. We had other people look at it who were saying we would need a carpenter and possibly a mason or that we would have to put gutters on the outside or replace the structure egads….

          We did pay less for a back porch roof a few months ago with Adam’s roofing, which I happy with too. I would definitely suggest getting quotes from both those companies.

          Oh, trust me I learned my lesson on cheap roof materials. That was essentially what was wrong with it to began with according to Keith. The bank paid to have it all redone before moved in and it was never right and the problem was the crappy materials that were used.

          You are more than welcome to come check out the roof to assess the quality….. you can pm me at downtownfan at gmail

  • Does anyone have any information on the shots fired near the Parview Rec center last night? – was it connected to the event at the center?

    • Was wondering hat happened last night. I left my place at 8 and all was fine. Got back at 9:15 and there was crime scene tape blocking Princeton between Warder and the Soldiers and Sailors Home.

    • Parkview blog has an entry on this – gunplay at Warder and Princeton after a basketball tournament. Just kids being kids!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sorry about not posting about this sooner. A neighbor emailed me last night. There was a shooting at the rec center basketball court but apparently the shooting was straight up in the air. Most likely kids being stupid kids.

    • Please, even if a gun wasn’t pointed at anyone I refuse to accept kids playing around with a gun as “kids being kids.” Anyone who thinks its acceptable/excusable for kids to be shooting off guns for fun is not fit to be a parent.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Kids being stupid kids in no way is an excuse. Perhaps I should’ve used stronger language.

        Kids being fracking idiots who should be severely punished if caught…

      • I suspect Bloomn Res’ sarcasim was lost on you, grumpy.

  • Rant: My car wouldn’t start this morning (and I was planning to get to work early.)

    Rave: Triple A had to replace the battery, and since the old one was still under warranty, it was free.

    Rave: No plans at all this weekend, except hanging out with friends in Baltimore. I might even watch one of those kicky game things everyones been talking about with them.

  • Rave: New job, with much better pay.

    Rant: Sore throat

  • Has the new skeet shooting range opened up?

    • That was supposed to be a response to Anonymous @25 June 2010 12:42 PM

      Rant: Stupid PoP commenting system constantly telling me to slow down because I’m posting too quickly, even though it’s been hours since I last added a comment to something.

  • Hey Technology Fence! Where is this new skeet shooting range going to be?

  • Rave: US advances in World Cup!
    Rant: Celebratory jump when US scores causes massive reinjury of soccer-related mystery knee problem.
    Rave: should still be able to hobble to Saturday game.

  • Rant: The F#&$! A$#Holes that abuse animals that I read about every Thursday in the living section of the WaPo. This week’s entry – kids in the 800 block of Oglethorpe, NE that killed a kitten, then through rocks at the body to try to poke its eyes out.

    How freaking sick are people?

  • I watched Being There the other day. near the beginning of the movie Peter Sellers wanders around Shaw in 1979.

    theres a playground off of 7th that looks like it has abandoned streetcars to play in. pretty fascinating.
    anyone ever see it?

    theres a scene on m street near 9th.

    heres one shot from what looks like 14th at rhode island:

    kinda cool to see the scenes of areas i didn’t get to know until 20 years later.

  • Censorship—I hate it!

  • Rant: My husband has been overseas in a horribly dangerous place for over 60 days now and there is no word as to when he is coming home thanks to a visa issues. Thanks U.S. government for ruining my summer.

    Rave: My efforts at work are finally starting to be recongnized.

  • RANT: The CVS on Georgia and NH hasn’t even opened yet and it already has Graffiti.

    RAVE: It’s Finally Summer!!

  • Rant: Why don’t groups of people know how to walk anymore, you can’t walk 3 across on a small sidewalk during busy lunch hours, and for the love of God don’t just stop in the middle of walking when you’re on a metro platform.

    Rave: It’s 4:52 on a Friday afternoon! And there’s the national pork competition at the Barbecue festival this weekend!

  • Rant: That the politicians in ward 4 would be kinda cold to the new neighbor white folk in the presence of the established black power structure. And within minutes of the break down, the youth crack dealers sprawling about underfoot.

    Rave: Hippie Farmers on the block. Rock Hall. Westmoreland. Stafford.

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