Power Out in Park View

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“Dear PoP,

Any idea out there why the power went on this morning on the 3400 block of Warder St?

Off around 7:50 am and still off…”

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for Pepco alerts but haven’t seen anything yet. Any others out there hit by this?

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  • Thanks for posting for me POP. Mine went off around 7:50 am and I think most of our row was out…

  • DO you people call Pepco and report it? After doing that, call Jim Graham’s office. We have lost power multiple times this year, these steps helped solve the issues quickly.

    I should hope that it goes without saying that merely posting on PoP does not do anything to solve such problems. Pepco doesn’t read this blog.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I think some people have a hard time understanding the meaning of (online) community…

      And you’d be surprised what agencies are daily readers of this blog. But yes, obviously it is important to call Pepco in this case.

  • The idea behind my question was really why and how far spread the outage was, therefore I sought out the wisdome of POP…

    Oh and yes mr. NON – we people called Pepco first.

  • I can’t imagine the range was too wide spread. In speaking with a neighbor in northern Park View this morning there was no mention of a power outage. The Pepco map shows a huge swath that includes this area with a range fo 51 to 500 customers without power. I’m guessing the number is closer to the 51 range … but it’s impossible to get much detailed information off of the Pepco site.

  • Strike that … upon further digging, the Pepco site shows 27 customers impacted in Park View with the cause under evaluation.

  • Yep, I’m out in Parkview. They claimed to be back at one pm but that hasn’t happened yet. They told me 50-100 people were out.

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