Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Potential Dupont Group House Edition

This rental is located at 1420 17th Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This house is absolutely beautiful! There are so many great features, we don’t know where to start! It has a large eat in kitchen with granite floors and counter tops; hardwood floors throughout the entire house; five skylights; two separate wooden spiral staircases; six rooms total; three full bathrooms; a roof top deck, two smaller decks out front; three separately zoned AC systems; gas heat; thermal pane windows; on-site washer and dryer…. and much much more!”

More photos available here.

Think $8500 sounds reasonable for this 6 bed/3 bath rental?

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  • This might be a good deal if there’s a way you could have a 7th roommate in the dining room or something (I’ve definitely lived in houses where we did this). Otherwise $1400 is pretty steep to have to share a house with 5 other people.

  • This house COULD be gorgeous. The owners tried to sell it a few years ago at the height of the market and got no takers at their high asking price. It was renovated to make it more livable and converted into the post-college group house that it is now (beer pong table in the front yard on weekends, etc). The bones are incredible (check out the staircase!), but it needs a LOT of TLC, not just a fresh coat of paint and some cheap fixtures. This house and the mansion on 16th and Riggs are my “if I win the lottery” Dupont dream homes.

  • Umm. Really, who takes on the responsibility of a $8500 per month lease? You can buy a city block in Anacostia for that much.

  • seriously – I can’t imagine spending $1400 a month on a group house.

  • I thought the point of a group home was to pay less than $1000/mo in rent…

  • Please God, let the next set of residents take better care of it than the last set. I’m so sick of seeing heaps of trash filling the front yard. Seriously, if you’re going to pay that kind of rent for marble and gleaming hardwoods, why not take five minutes to care about the appearance of the exterior, too?

  • If its the same landlord and it was about a decade ago (when I briefly rented)DON’T waste your time and $, the landlord is a slumlord who lives in PA and took our deposit for no rational reason – no, we did not trash the place, to the contrary. We should not have paid our last months rent, lesson learned. And as another commenter posted, the owner is delusional asking for some astronical amount for the place, that while it looks nice on the surface, scratch it, and you will see something else.

  • I hope you did what my friends did, and called the landlord to say, “if there’s a problem, we’ll be happy to settle this in small claims court.” My friends immediately got their deposit fully refunded.

  • $1400/pp to live in a group house?? Are you effing kidding me!? Fail.

  • 8500/mo is enough to BUY a $1.75-2 million home at current rates. Allowing that the plan is to spread out the rent over 6 or more people, none of whom likely come close to having the wherewithal to make a down payment, that’s still an insane amount to pay for rent. But my guess is that this place is quickly rented out by a group of GW students whose parents foot the bill and are just happy their kids are living in a “nice” neighborhood in DC.

  • ive partied in that house and its pretty legit for a massive party house. this could have been a house for a shitty/less fancy version of the real world DC.

    dotn rent it but make sure the person who does gets you on the list for the next party

  • Is this the same owner who, a few years ago, cut the curb for a private driveway?

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