Judging Buildings – National Geographic

I think the building above is part of National Geographic… This is on L or possibly M St, NW between 16th and 17th downtown. It’s got some great angles and a cool tiered green surface. I also like how it gets a very different look depending upon your angle. What do you guys think – thumbs up or down?

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  • It’s pretty cool. Looks like a ziggurat. Fits with their mission, I suppose.

  • I had a friend who worked there years ago, when I visted his office I was amused to find the “green” terraces were artifical bushes.

    • there aren’t artificial bushes in the terracing anymore. there were real plants when the building opened in the early ’80s, but they died due to the lack of regular watering and good sunlight (the building faces north and doesn’t get good sunlight for much of the year).

      two years ago, they took out the artificial replacements and put real greenery in there again. stuff that ca stand up to not ideal water and light conditions.

  • i used to work at ruder finn, across the street. the building is a hidden treasure. it’s hard to see the architecture from street level, but it’s definitely interesting and engaging…… BTW, brasil beat north korea! just thought i’d add that….

  • M st between 16th and 17th. I’m there now. Err, back to work…

  • great building

  • Riding the descending spiraling vomit comet to the below ground parking is better than any ride at 6 flags.

  • I worked in this building for a couple of years. I believe the design intentionally recalls a Maya step pyramid….and yeah, that spiral into the garage is fun on a bike, but not fun if there’s traffic!

  • LOVE this whole complex actually. Yes it’s the national geographic. I’m so disappointed the greenery is fake!

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