Horse’s Ass Award – 1100 Block of 9th St, NW

This week’s horse’s ass award goes to the owner of the building directly across the street from the convention center. They’ve been a boarded up mess for years. Like most of these horse’s ass award nominees, these boarded up buildings are a disgrace to the neighborhood and to the city.

If you have a horse’s ass award nominee please send me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with a photo if possible.

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  • I think these buildings are actually negatively impacted by the Convention Center–it’s monolithic, it’s largely single-use, and there are very few draws for pedestrian traffic along the streets there. That’s not to say these won’t eventually be developed, I just see progress coming in spite of the Convention Center, not because of it.

  • I remember when I first moved to the city I thought how strange it was that to one side there is a beautiful modern building and on the other side was this shitpile of a block. It pointed out to me the disparity between classes in this city.

    • Stop wringing your hands, it has absolutely nothing to do with disparity between classes. When you see a row of buildings like that, they’re usually owned by a developer who is keeping them fallow until it’s time to make his move.

  • I agree about the convention center, but I know that I and probably others that live nearby, would love to see them fixed up.
    That area just feels like it needs some help.

  • Pretty sure these will be redeveloped as part of the Convention Center hotel’s secondary hotels. The Marriott and their partner (Capstone?) owns these blocks and they will all be redeveloped at once.

    • Hopefully with an active ground-floor use. Nothing kills a block faster than monolithic development with no active street level uses (as Tony alludes to in the first comment)

  • These buildings are actually owned by the city and the arts commission is handing out grants to redevelop them for ‘arts purposes’. But shhh!

  • The original plans of the Marquis Marriott was for 1,400 rooms that stretched the hotel across L street to include that cluster of buildings. The approved plans, as I understand them, only call for 1,100 rooms, which does not include those buildings across L street. Not entirely sure what the plan is for them.

    The hotel plans absolutely includes street facing retail.

  • These properties are all vacant for a good reason. I was told that all of these properties will be incorporated in one of the hotels. They will remain retail while the hotel will be built above and around them. They cant be leased however until the hotel is built.

  • There are also some empty buildings over there that had attempted to open as a strip club, but the city put the kabosh on it.

  • I understood that most of the buildings had been bought out for redevelopment (presumably for convention center hotels and such), with just a few hold outs who haven’t sold to the developer.

    I’m kind of torn between rehabilitating the properties that are there (I love the architecture of the ones along 7th st, and am a fan of several of the places on the block), and building something new entirely. Having been in several of the vacant properties on the block, though, I can say that it just might be easier to rip them all down and build something new. A lot of these were neglected buildings well before the convention center went up, and it will take more than some fresh paint to make them habitable.

    Whatever happens, I hope we get something that can promote the same level of life that clearly used to be there.

    • yeah, lets tear down all the old buildings and put up ugly modern buildings, great idea. part of why people like the city is all the beautiful old buildings.

  • I read something about Marriott not only building the big convention hotel but also a Courtyard by Marriott and Residence Inn across the street – I think these may be on one of those sites. Given how the real estate and financial markets took a huge dive at a bad time for this project (and the development is being delayed b/c of a lawsuit,) I wouldn’t call them an ass on this one – the goal is to do something good here. I do suppose they could do something to make it less of eyesore until construction begins.

  • Yup these are vacant because they are reserved for the hotel.

  • they should let the garden coop guys around the corner take over one of these at least to run some garden space.

    And maybe temporarily run a strip club in another. I mean, it’s right across from the convention center! Talk about customer base!

  • The city’s development website lists the properties on 9th and L which are pictured as the proposed site for a Residence Inn hotel. This project and the larger Marquis hotel project would probably be near completion had it not been for the ridiculous lawsuit filed by JBG.

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