Good Deal or Not? “sense of spaciousness & serenity” edition

This home is located at 3155 19th St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Big + Beautiful. Grand, light-filled main hse w 1BR+Den LL Unit w CofO. 3 sunny exposures & side bay windows. Corner lot. Landscaped gardens, lawn & patio evoke sense of spaciousness & serenity. Orig woodwork & upgraded interior. Large rooms. This home’s 4 entertaining! Finished attic = Large bonus rm! Just blocks away: MtP Lib, Zoo, Target, Farmer’s Mkt, Great dining.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

Ed. Note: I went with some pretty expensive homes this week but as always if you think you’ve spotted some good deals around town send me an email at princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com

Here’s another one that I’ve become smitten with. And it’s not even technically house porn (under $1 million)… What’s your favorite part? It’s yours for $985,000.

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  • Wow…that’s a whole lot of beige on the first level. Gross kitchen floors, but other than that it is a beautiful house. Nice yard…and CoO in the basement is pretty sweet.

  • Great place. Great location. Nice outdoor space. But ONE big red flag. Looks like there is no offstreet Parking. Hard for me to swallow that price tag with no place to put a car. But whats odd is if you look at the street view. It looks like they have a parking space but with no way to get to it. No curb cut and no alley access. Perhaps they pull over the sidewalk and park there when in a pinch?

    • Not a legal parking spot, not without a curb cut for access. Nor would a curb cut be allowed, if only because what it would gain, one parking spot, would also eliminate one curbside parking space. No gain, no point.

      Parking around here can be pretty tough. Occasionally residents have tried to use that odd spot, driving down the sidewalk to get to it. Not legal, not safe.

    • There is almost no offstreet parking in all of Washington, DC. Your comments are laughable. What townhouse neighborhoods have all the driveways?

      • MOST of dc has plenty of street parking. not your hood, fine. but MOST of DC is suburban and low density.

  • love love love

  • They drywalled out every inch of character.

    • what they drywalled out was lead, genius, lead. Character in DC equals lead poisoning. Educate yourself.

  • I like the skylights in the loft. Good paint job too. Great house.

  • Ick. No. Not for me.

  • Very few houses have sold in the high 900’s in Mt. Pleasant in the past several years. The size of this house is nice, but I suspect the mediocre finishes (look closely– the kitchen and baths need work, and those replacement windows are horrendous) and apparent lack of parking will delay a sale at the asking price. Also, the side yard looks amazing, but I think most people prefer to have a yard in the rear of the home for entertaining/privacy purposes. I think it will end up settling below 900K.

  • Did anybody read the descriptions that accompany the virtual tour?

  • I live on that block, and actually find parking fairly easy to find. Nearly 90 percent of the time we can park on our block (we’re on the Lamont side), and the rest of the time we get to park within two blocks. It’s a lot better than the much more suburban DC neighborhood where I previously lived (Glover Park). That said, a lot of the houses have some parking in the alley, so it’s too bad that one doesn’t.

    I also don’t love how much drywalling went on in the renovations. I walk by this house all the time and wonder what it looks like inside, and to be honest, I’m a touch disappointed. I was hoping it would have more of its original character.

  • We call this the “Ha Ha House.” Many years ago, when it was abandoned, somebody broke in and spray painted Ha Ha in several of the top floor windows. It sat like that for some time. Current and prior residents have done a very nice job putting the place back together again. They had a lot of work to do.

  • I was raised in this house. I was delighted to be able to see the inside and the renovations. I have often dreamed of what the inside looked like. Actually, when I lived there, there were four bedrooms and 1 bath and no attic. Three of the bedrooms had walk-in closets and were joined by doors. (Now drywalled over.) So the drywall was used to not only renovate but to change the spaces. The original basement was just that, a basement with a wc and the wringer washing machine. My sisters and I would skate here in the inclement weather and swing like monkeys (which we were) around the support beams (not really beams but whatever it was that held the upper floors in place). There were three huge storage areas that are now part of the apartment. I do think the rooms are staged and some how diminish the house. All the wood floors have been replaced as they were one parquet around the edges. When I see those steps my father’s voice rings in my head, \Jean Marie, come back down these stairs and walk up like a lady.\ Wouldn’t be a problem now that I am 74 and would only be able to slowly creep up those stairs.

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