Good Deal or Not? “charming exposed brick interiors” edition (Reader Request)

This home is located at 226 Parker St, NE:

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The flier says:

“Great rowhouse just a few blocks from NoMa Metro, across from Union Station. Charming exposed brick interiors, private 2nd level deck, many recent updates including new kitchen & appliances, new roof, new wood floors, new windows. Well maintained, close to 2 new groceries, Senate Square, on quaint quiet street.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

The reader writes:

“This cute little house went up for sale, right next to Senate Square in the NoMa area. It is the most inexpensive property in the area, but does that make it a good deal?”

What do you guys think – does $395,000 sound reasonable for this 2 bed/1bath?

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  • Hmmm, this was just up on Urban Turf as well.

    I’d say this is not a good deal given the price of other houses that were in that area less than 9 months ago. Maybe it sells around $365 or $370?

    • Didn’t see the bit about it having a parking space. That’ll definitely help. I’d say it’s about the right price.

  • I would buy this.

  • Condo sized and priced, without the condo fees. If you can live in that neighborhood, then it’s a good deal.

  • They need to get rid of the “NoMa Metro” bit… there is no NoMa metro station. As for whether it’s a good deal or not, I think it is.

  • Or, is NoMa Metro a building?? It sounds like they’re referencing a metro station… oh well, if I’m the only one that is confused than it can stay in, but maybe if I’m confused others are, too?

  • Do we know what’s going in on that big plot of land on K St?

  • Seems to be much more reasonably priced than the Parker Street NE house you featured in May 2009. At the time of the GDON post, they were asking $450K. It sold for much less — $394K — as most of the commenters on that post predicted it would.

    This one seems pretty reasonable.

  • pretty sweet bachelor pad for under $400k. future short streetcar ride to the h st establishments, and right by the train station. i like this one a lot.

  • Yup, and easy access to the Metropolitan Branch Trail for commuting north to Takoma or Silver Spring. The location is great.

  • The listing says it’s 782 sq ft, which is closer to a 1br than a 2br, so I don’t know if it’s really “condo-priced” if you’re comparing it to a 1br.

  • Just walked through on Sunday. WELL priced for the location and quality. It is a nice neighborhood where lots of new buildings are going in next to the old ones. I’d buy it!

  • It seems overpriced to me for that location. That is too close to the Amtrak rail lines. I would not want to live there.

  • Anyone know how easy it is to build a small addition into the back garden of a row house like this? I mean community approval, not the actual construction.

    • In streetview, you can see that one house across the street has a roof deck. That would be pretty cool on this place.

      • I actually looked at the house with the roofdeck a few years back. The roofdeck was really cool. The lot was small, so it gave the house a bit more space. That house also has space/closet issues in that the 2nd bedroom was a walk-in closet. Cute homes, though. I think this is a good value.

    • you probably need to get a zoning variance to add on to a home like that. but with some effort and 6 to 12 months you could probably get it.

  • I really like this rowhouse. Maybe a bit overpriced. $350 seems more reasonable.

  • My quibble: when they talk about the two new groceries, I assume they mean Harris Teater and Giant, neither of which are actually open yet (Giant hasn’t even started construction). Closest full Service grocery is the Safeway at City Vista, which is almost nine blocks away.

  • I went through on Sunday.

    It’s a wonderful home, well kept and has nice upgrades. A few problems really hurt the value IMO:

    – Only bathroom is on main level in the back of the house. It also only has room for a motorhome sized sink.

    – 2nd “bedroom” couldn’t fit a junior bed at present, you’d have to remove some built-ins to make space for a bed – but then you’d be stuck with two small bedrooms with zero closets.

    That said, it is pretty sweet. If I were a single guy and could grab this pad for about 370-375 this would be the ticket.

  • what, no “Poo Poo” comments on this one?

  • i’d buy this mofo and flip it in a few years for much more! why aren’t more homes more reasonably priced? do people actually choose condos over actual homes at this price? yeah, home ownership is a bit harder, but you OWN the joint. no fees, free parking… you can build out the back if you wanted to, by owner’s right, i believe.

    throw in an egyptian sarcophagus and some belly dancers for a week, and i’d even up the bid by $20k!

    this qualifies as … a deal. maybe even a steal.

  • poo you’d also have to throw in some really warm blankets as i don’t think the place has any source of heat.

  • make that “belly dancers for two weeks”… i want value for my money!

  • anon 4:57. i’ve lived in rowhouses in dc before. specifically these early ones. if they’re not a corner unit, they’re insulated by the neighbs. minimal heating required. AND the fact that you can use “seasonal heating” means that you don’t have to install permanent heating… that occupies a lot of space. these houses were built before mass produced heating… they were built well. the pad i had in gtown needed no heating, except for two space heaters, during the winter. if you would want to install a heating system, you’d be compromising space and 10 grand for nothing. really. where are you writing from? wisconsin?

  • I saw this house on Sunday since we live a few blocks away…
    Great value for a single person or young couple, like us!
    The second bedroom has great closets (not built-ins annon 3:32) and a cool deck.
    I liked it, it was really well done.

  • The place was done well and the space is used well. The parking spot and deck are great features. I think it is worth the price of admission.

  • Agreed, parking space in Capitol Hill is a goldmine. Cool digs for a summer BBQ too.
    I say good deal. Can someone buy it for me?

  • Headsup – there is no heat at all in this place. Owners use space heaters. Won’t qualify for FHA, not sure if it will qualify for conventional either, depending on the inspector.

  • “da poo” — don’t know what rowhouse you were in but I’m smack in the middle of a block of ’em and would freeze if I didn’t have my heat. You can live in the District without AC but not heat. And $395 is too much for a place that they probably ripped the radiators out of. No way.

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