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  • I have seen a dude riding this bike up 11th St. I have no idea he gets on or off the bike.

    • i’ve wondered the same thing! and how do you stop at lights? lean against a street sign or light pole? pedal back and forth? i used to see a guy around logan circle with this bike or one similar.

  • Tall bike is tall.

  • The guy who rides this (unless I’m mistaking it for someone else’s tall bike) is really awesome. Good guy in the bike community, but no idea of his name.

  • I’ve seen him on 11th, too. I won’t even ride my plain bike on 11th it’s so treacherous. I saw something about these bikes – they are built and used for a bizarre jousting event.

    • Bicycle jousting – now that takes me back to college.

      11th street isn’t that treacherous, especially if you’re in a low gear and take your sweet time. I certainly prefer it to 14th street.

  • This picture deserves a caption contest.

  • bikes, the original SUV.

  • That dude is awesome. He’s built at least four of those and someone did steal the first yellow one he made.

  • There’s a guy in my neighborhood that has one that is one frame taller than that. Then again I live in Brooklyn so that is probably expected.

  • I, too, have wondered how he gets on and off, but even moreso, I wonder how he manages when he has to stop suddenly. Yikes.

  • I saw this guy on MtP St the other day and I have no idea how he could stop at a light or intersection without falling over.

  • That guy is a leggy delight who hoists himself up by stepping on the pedal.

  • Re Darth’s comment speculating on the rider’s sex life: EVERY time I see that dude he has two women with him riding regular bikes. Save some for the rest of us, Tall Bike Guy!

  • Treacherous???

    Please explain how a mellow hill with a bike lane makes 11th anywhere near treacherous.

    • You *do* have to watch out for the once-every-20-minutes Metrobus. So I can see how that might be treacherous.

    • Sometimes people throw bricks/rocks off their balconies at the cyclists. Doesn’t happen as often anymore, but I’m sure people are thinking back to those incidents.

  • I’ve seen this guy. He doesn’t actually stop all the way at the light. He kind of balances himself like someone riding a tricycle and sometimes does little circles just to keep moving and not fall over. It’s quite a show. Someone in a car did ask him how he got up on the thing but I didn’t hear the reply.

  • HAHA I walk those bikes everyday, never seen him riding yet…

  • i feel like i need to step in and mention that i’ve met a guy who rides the tall bike and i think hes kind of an attention whore.

  • i saw this bike on euclid and it had been de-wheeled — looks like someone figured it out…

  • I’m pretty sure this is the guy who does a free bike clinic for the kids at Park View Rec Center. He and 2 of his friends bring their crazy bikes, which the kids think are awesome, and they teach the kids how to fix and take care of their bikes. They have been a great addition and help to our Saturday kids program! So I will add to the “this guy is cool” comments!

  • I moved from Chicago recently – Tall bikes are all over the place there. The guy talking about bike jousting is right – it’s a big thing. Check out a documentary called B.I.K.E. for more on the topic. Really, I just want to knock these guys over when I see them – they’d just topple over! What’s wrong with a normal bike??

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