Gang Fight Temporarily Closes Union Station

Photo by PoPville flickr user Rukasu1

WMATA says:

” Union Station Metrorail station was closed for approximately 30 minutes from 1:15 to 1:45 p.m. today (June 6 4) while Metro Transit Police investigated a shooting that took place in the station.

Police remain on the scene and continue their investigation.”

And thanks to a reader for sending in the WUSA9 report:

“A Metro spokesman tells 9NEWS NOW a fight broke out at Union Station between about 15 juveniles. During the fight, a handgun was observed. He cannot confirm that any type of shooting took place. DC Police and Metro police are investigating.”

WMATA Update 2:41pm:

“The preliminary investigation indicates that the incident began when a large group of individuals were involved in an altercation on the platform. One minor was injured in the fight. He is believed to be a victim of a robbery. He was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The incident was initially reported to be a shooting, however police do not believe that a shooting took place.

Transit Police continue to investigate the incident.”

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  • saf

    Gang? Are you sure of that?

    Maybe just teenagers?

  • Come on now you well paid entitled Union Workers, don’t tell me the Camera’s weren’t working. Get off your butts and leave your little glass cages.

    Post guards at the gates with pictures blown up from the cameras at the same time these idiots boarded. Catch these thugs and arrest them.

    Oh but wait, too much work to ensure the safety of paying customers?

  • David Stroup of WeLoveDC (formerly of we.hate.dc) has details on his twitter feed:

    (No, I don’t even know him.)

  • It’s gonna be a long hot summer.

    All hands on deck every weekend. Please.

    • Which was determined to be wildly effective, but against union rules apparently.

      So the police union who is supporting Gray, is for dangerous streets?

      Another reason not to back their candidate.

  • ?? Either they are predicting the future or the date for today is off. It’s June 4th today.

  • HOT TIME SUMMER IN THE CITY…. and awaaaaaaaay we go!!!

    DC is like clockwork baby.

  • Don’t worry – all of the adolescents involved in this incident will soon be in the competent hands of DYRS. You can sleep soundly tonight knowing they won’t be back out on the streets for at least 4 hours or so.

  • Why do we need young people again?

    • To make us appreciate effective juvenile law enforcement in OTHER areas. (disclaimer: former juvenile offender from midwest here, thank goodness for local sherrifs department).

  • Enough is enough. I want names. Addresses. Names of parents. Name of the school they should have been attending. Name of DYRS case worker.

    Violent juveniles registry now.

    Mendolson and Wells must go.

    • Agreed! What’s it going to take before real action is taken to reform DC’s juvenile justice system?

      It’s amazing how many people in this city seem content to just live in fear of feral teenagers on the Metro. This does not have to be our reality!

      • Eric said: What’s it going to take before real action is taken to reform DC’s juvenile justice system? This does not have to be our reality!
        What it will take is for us Evil Gentrifiers to stop feeling guilty, step out of the box of orthodox liberal ideology, and *vote* for a new brand of leadership in DC.

        Cracking skulls in the immediate term is not mutually exclusive from working toward long term solutions to poverty, et al.

  • “The assault was over a pair of Air Jordan brand shoes, his mother said.”

    Well, that sure wasn’t predictable!

  • If we, as a society, let our kids grow up so completely wrong that they get into gun-brandishing gang fights downtown, our first thought shouldn’t be to just get more cops on the streets to “pick up the trash.”

    We should instead figure out how we can cap off the damn spewing oil well of terrible child-rearing that will keep cranking out more feral kids than we could ever possibly keep in jail.

    • Yeah. And while we busily attempt society’s 13,023rd effort to solve bad parents, based on all the newest in apologist social science, lets also get more cops on the street to pick up the trash. Pretty please. Our safety is at stake here.

      • If you don’t know that America puts 10 times more of its citizens in prison than Europe and Canada do, or that, right now, one out of every 54 adult males is behind bars — if you don’t know those facts, I can understand why you might think the answer is “more cops, tougher laws.”

        I’d say we’re already exploring the very outer limits of what is reasonably possible under the “pick up the trash” approach. Perhaps it’s time to instead look at what EVERY OTHER advanced industrialized democracy has managed to successfully do, and emulate them.

        • That incarceration rate is almost entirely due to the drug war, so its not a good comparison. If you can dig a little deeper and find out how many violent offenders we incarcerate, then that might work a little better. Basically, most Euro countries (and Canada) don’t put people in jail for weed and such unless they’re trafficking.

          My personal hope is that in DC we abandon the drug war for the most part and primarily go after violent criminals. I notice that’s also a Leo Alexander plank, which makes me worry 😉

          • This. The problem is not the number of criminals in prison, it is the type of criminal kept in prison. Drug users do too much time. Violent offenders do too little (or none, ever, if under 18 in Washington, DC). We deserve protection from violent criminals, that’s what prisons are for.

            As far as other countries solving this problem successfully — I heard Denmark, France, and Germany are doing really well addressing crime and anti-social behavior in their poor communities. Oh wait, no they’re not.

        • Because, when properly administered, it tends to make the rest of us safer…

    • That would take teachers who’s approach to troubled kids wasn’t “he’s a product of his environment”. Which I’ve heard from countless teachers.

  • Well at least the Jordans are worth more than a bracelelt that cost 5 people their lives. Anyone want to challenge me about the toxic nature of inner city culture?

  • I’m sorry, gang? Seriously? There is absolutely nothing that anyone has reported that even suggests gang involvement in this. Lay off the sensationalism. I understand that facts are short at this point but please, stick to them.

    • Depends on how you define it, as my links above indicate many cities define gangs as any group criminal activity, whereas DC defines as a gang as having an initiation ceremony, insignia (like colors), and clear hierarchy or something like that. I find that debate to be quibbling, the point is groups of manboys in DC hurt and kill people on a very regular basis, no matter if you call them a gang or a crew.

      • Agreed. There are gangs and then there are GANGS, but at the end of the day, if you’re a group of violent people, you belong in jail.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Seriously Dave, a fight occurs that is so out of control it forces the closing of one of DC’s biggest metro stations and you are quibbling about the semantics of the title?

      C’mon buddy, you’re better than that.

  • Just have to chime in here. As a member of MPD who is highly effected by the AHODs it stands to note that this program is against the union contract. Officers are having their days of changed in order to avoid the payment of overtime. Leave is restricted months ahead and makes it difficult for members to plan and enjoy their summers. I am not advocating dangerous streets as I am out there trying to make them safer everday. If the Chief chooses to continue with this program, she simply needs to pay the overtime owed to members by making them work their days off.

    • Sounds fair, you guys should get your overtime. But when are officer’s like you, the ones that care enough to visit neighborhood blogs, going to step up and push the lazies out of the force? I come from a cop family… Dad, brother, and cousins all carry a badge. And they always talk smack about what they see in DC whgen they visit me here. My dad actually caught one of your fellow officers asleep in a scout car while on duty! He reported it, but I doubt anything happened. We have far to many paycheck collectors on the force.

      Also, Gray?? Really you guys are actually going to endorse that race baiting Barry crony!Fenty is a total wad, but he’s, by far, the least dangerous of the lot.

      • Re: ColHeights

        As a resident of DC, I care about these issues because they impact all of us. If I could force out the lazy officers, believe me I would. I agree with you that the badge is a symbol of pride and there are officers who do not hold it to its highest standard. Unfortunelty, these officers are afforded a great deal of protection by being a member of a union and it is nearly impossible to get rid of some of these members. As a member of a specialized unit, I work daily with a great deal of these officers that don’t work as hard as I choose to. I take pride in my job and try to have positive interactions with citizens on a daily basis.

        In regards to the race for mayor… just remember the endoresement does not represent all members. All I know is that Fenty hasn’t made my life any easier.

        • I’m interested in MPD’s perspective on this youth violence issue. We as citizens aren’t allowed to know who the violent kids are, and their appear to be many. We know that they are all too often on the streets even though they’ve been convicted of very violent crimes. So, do the cops have a list of all these violent youth offenders? Can’t MPD assign undercover officers to at least track the movements of at least the worst of them more often than they do? Something has got to change, these kids know they can get away with murder, and it shows! We as citizens aren’t empowered to do much about it, other than wait for our turn to meet a stray bullet.

    • I’m sure those AHODs do suck, but I for one do appreciate them and think overwhelming deployments are very important. I’d like to see MPD increased in size by at least 30%, in lieu of that the AHODs provide some of the same effect. AHODs do seem unsustainable in the long term, and denying days off possibly wrecks personal lives which also takes officers off the street.

      Anyways, you’re appreciated. Please do post more, I hunger for info and love talking to officers.

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