Evolve in Adams Morgan Closes?

Thanks to a friend of mine for sending the word. He writes:

“There were a couple guys moving stuff out and I asked them if it had closed.. they said ‘yes’ it had. I asked if the knew what was going in and they said ‘no’.”

Evolve was/is located at 1817 Columbia Rd NW. They had pretty good reviews on Yelp. Their Web site is still functioning and their phone works but the message for the phone says something about another company not Evolve. Anyone else notice if they have closed or not? Seems strange to me because they have renewal permits up in the windows. I’ll be sure to update as more info becomes available.

Any fans of Evolve out there? Know the scoop?

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  • bring back Rocky’s!
    There is a voodoo curse on this property.

    • Seconded. The voodoo curse that plagued the site that is now Starbucks must have moved a few doors down.

      Rocky’s had pretty good waffles. The weird Bulgarian theme place that was there always played the same horrible music videos. Evolve actually had good food and drew a nicely dressed African American crowd, but it’s such a small place.

      Was thinking I could make this place work offering dinner and brunch. The name would be “Oh Cashions and Perry’s are so crowded and expensive, hey, how about this Place?”

  • i guess this restaurant
    *puts on glasses*

    Went extinct


  • I was walking by Evolve on Monday and all of their furniture was thrown around outside. Lots of people were grabbing things or standing around watching the chaos, so I figured the place had gotten evicted.

  • I think it was the douchy air about it that killed it. People keep trying to open these types of places in Adams Morgan. Left Bank left. Pi Pizza I hear is leaving. Now Evolve. I’m assuming Sultra will close too. My Advice is to stop trying (and failing) to turn Adams Morgan into some eurotrash douch haven. As for what should become of the evolve space, I find the food at Cashions to be great but too pricey. They could make a sister restaurant there with cheaper no frills food. Like what Cashions has currently as its late night bar menu. I think that would do well.

    • it’s no longer trendy to be ‘above it’ – the cool thing to do now is to be ironically stupid or self-depricating.

      You need to make a restaurant that has the feeling of the nerd table in the high school cafeteria and people will flock there.

      • maybe. you got examples of places that are ironically stupid or self-depricating.

        • The sign above Madam’s Organ that reads “Sorry, We’re Open.”

          Or the fact that Tryst’s couches look like they were pulled out od a dumpster.

  • Also, this was Monday morning. For the past two days, there have been several (and what I assume are) squatters sitting on the ground out on the patio…at least in the morning.

  • Evolve shut down a couple of weeks ago. They were not evicted.

    To the Anon saying Sutra will shut down. No. It won’t.

  • Where do these places go when they die? NoVa?

  • sounds like natural selection.

  • I ate there twice and left disappointed both times. It couldn’t decide if it was a bar or a restaurant and was bad at both.

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