Dear PoP – Scary School

“Dear PoP,

Seems to me that this school needs to get the message that illiteracy is not OK.”

I thought Charter schools were starting to get awesome reputations. I gotta think they were just missing some letters, right?

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  • Damn that’s funny.

  • Shame about the typo. I didn’t realize we had that many Tory Pandas in this town. I figured the zoo was a bit more progressive than that.

  • Why are multiple “N’s” backwards?

  • no, not photoshopped at all.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Photo sent by a reader, the school is located at 15th St. NE and East Capitol. If it was only photoshopped we could sleep a lot easier at night.

  • missing letters doesn’t explain the backwards ‘N’s
    this is really ridiculous!

  • The Center City Public Charter schools are actually a bunch of former Catholic schools that went Charter. So, I think they are supposed to be better then a lot of the charters. (There are some really bad charters out there — there are also a few really good ones, like E.L. Haynes in Petworth — but I don’t think Center City is among the worst of the worst, in fact, it is supposed to be decent).

    Jokers/student pranksters got a hold of the letters? I hope, otherwise its pretty scary).

    • I think this is all correct info. People NEED to remember that the same people who start charter schools are the same personalities who start storefront churches. Many charter schools have failed. Many were mismanaged.

  • It looks like a closed-in glass case, so odds are nobody sabotaged it. anyway, if pranksters had gotten a hold of it, I’d sure hope they could do something more creative with it than to turns around a few ‘N’s.

    If it was pranksters, I’m really worried for the youth of today. Can’t they spell out a few curse words or something?

  • Well educated children in Washington, DC do not go to public schools. This post isn’t a surprise as much a reality of what our city offers to our country.

  • seriously CapHill, seriously? Someone who has kids tell you that?

    Ok, let me tell you how it goes.

    Acceptable private elementary schools start at $15,000 per year. Good private elementary schools start at around $25,000 per year. The best private elementary schools, the WISes, the Sidwells, the GDSes, St Johns, start at $35,000 per year per student.

    People who can neither afford $70k per year for two students nor who want to still pay $50k for a mildly good education send their kids to the 3 or so high performing charter schools like Kipp. EL Haynes and Yu Ying are not great schools, they’re “OK” but trust me, not great. Most charter schools need thousands of dollars in donations per student.

    There are about 5 great DCPS elementary schools: Murch, Eaton, Oyster, Key, etc. Those are where the DC politicians send their kids- Rhee’s to Oyster, Fenty’s to Key, Mendelson and Kwame Brown’s to Eaton. Those schools are the best in the city. Those schools look for about $500-1000 per student from parents in donations.

    Every other DCPS school drops off precipitously. I have LOTS of research on this and have been on many campuses.

    • Since you’re in the know, what’s the difference between the Cesar Chavez campuses? The people I tutored with were definitely pro-chavez vs. the non-admission high school in Ward 6. I’ve just recently noticed the capitol hill campus and I had no idea it was a high school; I just always noticed kids hanging out on the steps.

      • I think you’re confusing Caesar Chavez Public Charter School with Hugo Chavez Elementary. Too entirely different institutions and curricula.

      • Cesar Chavez has two high schools and two middle schools. The one on Capitol Hill is a decent school, they have some good support programs. Definitely a better option, IMO, than Eastern. The combined middle/high school by Minnesota Ave is not so good. I believe a combination of the area being a tough neighborhood as well as the difficulties in combining grades 6-12 in one school. I don’t know a lot about Chavez Prep, which is over by Georgia Ave.

    • Just a note Neener –
      While KIPP schools are great, EL Haynes is very good as well. Check out their test scores. Arne Duncan even sends his child there.

      • I’m not sure how anyone thinks KIPP is better than Haynes or Yu Ying. KIPPs regimented style may be good for some kids, but to say it is “excellent” while calling schools like Haynes and Yu Ying mediocre is pretty odd. I have nothing against KIPP, but I would not send my kids there.

        There are good charter schools available to kid in the Petworth/Col. Heights Areas — LAMB, Cap City, Haynes, and Yu Ying and E.W. Stokes are just over in Brookland.

        Plus, the elemetary schools in this area are not as bad as Mr. Neener seems to think. H.D. Cooke in Adams Morgan, Thomson in Logan Circle, Ross in Dupont, all are schools I would happily send my kids to. I don’t get the impression that Neener actually has kids…

    • Get real. There may be a few good schools and a few smart kids but overall this city turns a disgustingly high percentage of “ghetto” educated people. You can pull all the random facts you like but I would suggested you take a drive around our fair town and then venture out into the real America. Our city’s education system, much like the local government, is an embarrasment overall. Seeing is beliving. Take a moment to envision a snapshot of the Big Picture that everyone outside of DC can see. I would suggest you defend something less obvious.

      • I think you’re arguing with yourself, because I think your first statement is exactly what neener says, except for the bigoted comment at the end. DC has very few acceptable to above average schools and the above average ones are expensive.

        And don’t talk about real America like you know anything about it. I went to college with kids from real America that couldn’t locate DC, MD or VA on a map of the United States.

      • “Seeing is beliving.” And you’re sitting in judgement of “ghetto educated people”?

      • i’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re trolling. either way, lame.

  • Oh, man…

    The N’s are backwards because the same lazy bones that didn’t bother on the spacing or to find a better way to make an I (i assume they ran out) put them in. They’re clear plastic rectangles that fit either way.

    The qualifications to be the person who puts those letters in is less than middle school. I realize it’s embarrassing irony, but it’s not that important. The message was received.

    If anyone is earning more than $13/hour to place plastic letters in a box, we’re not managing resources effectively. A fine chore for the local hobo to earn his lunch and/or beer.

    I wonder if anyone noticed and corrected it post photo?

  • This was just begging to be a Caption Contest. “Learning iz gud.” would have been my submission.

    But I appreciate Neener’s math as probably about right, and he doesn’t even get to the harsh reality of how much hustle it takes to get your kid in the right feeder pre-K for [elite private school of your choice]. It’s not like you can just show up, cut a check, and enroll your kid.

  • What was deleted?

  • Someone should contact Msgr. Pope at Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian about this – – he is da landlord. Can’t find his e-mail quickly…

  • How many of the previous posters on this thread actually have a kid in a good DC charter? I have 2 children in two separate charters (one named by Neener as “not great”, although how would she or he really know?) and another one in Petworth not named on this thread.

    There are a lot of super crappy charters, and DCPS schools, but also an increasing number of good to great ones.

    Amazing the continued hysteria regarding schooling options in DC when if you actually do your research and apply to the right schools your kids will be just fine.

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