Update on Lost Ferret – Still Lost $500 Reward

“Dear PoP,

He still hasn’t turned up, though I got plenty of late night phone calls from drunk fuckers who saw my posters and decided it would be fun to make a cruel prank. I’m starting the reward at $500.”

Obviously the owner really loves their pet and while it is easy to joke this is pretty sad. So if you live in Adams Morgan/Mt. Pleasant look around a bit on your walk home and around the neighborhood. If you see the ferret email me directly and I’ll hook you up with the owner.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    I’ve been keeping my eyes open for the little guy. I hope he makes it safely home soon.

  • Yikes! Sorry about the jerks.
    Will keep an eye out when I’m in the area tomorrow.
    Good luck!

  • I could swear I saw a FOUND ferret sign up on Sunday in Adams Morgan–corner of Adams Mill and Ontario (or Adams Mill and one of those confusing side streets that hits it) on the east side of the street. I remember thinking someone in this city must have a heart because I sure wouldn’t bring a ferret into my house… Hopefully it was a found sign I saw and not one of your lost signs… good luck!

  • The creature is dead.

  • Noctunral animal, so must search at night. By now, likely deep into rock creek park eating rabbits. Wait until August/September and you can find them mating! Ah yes, vigorous, noisy and prolonged mating, wish mine were such. see…


    captcha “auguster porting” how appropriate

    • Aren’t they also used to kill rats, between the zoo and the infamous Adams Morgan rat colony, said ferret is probably the happiest ferret in DC! How does a ferret hop a zoo fence anyway?

  • Not to sound like a creeper, but I have seen you walking your ferret before (there aren’t too many ferrets on leashes in the city, let alone in Adams Morgan), and he’s super cute. I’m sure you’ll find him soon!

  • What a cute little thing. Will keep my eyes out in the Columbia Heights area. Good luck, hope they find him!

  • Also, let’s not forget…let’s NOT forget, Dude…that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for umm, domestic, you know, within the city – that aint legal either.

    • What are you, a fucking park ranger now?

      • Nicely done, E-Rich.

        I feel bad that the ferret is missing, but couldn’t let the moment pass without quoting Walter.

        • I knew someone would say it. And for what it’s worth, that’s actually the truth in the District…though I hope this person gets their pet back, regardless.

    • hope you’re reunited with him!!! sad.

      and timmy – nice big lebowski reference, although not very sensitive to the post….

      • cavexin- I hope it wasn’t too insensitive. I didn’t mean it that way. Owner, if you’re reading this, I hope you weren’t offended, I hope you find the little guy.

  • So if I see a rat with a fuzzy tail I’ll try to catch it. Gotcha.

  • My apologies if this has already been suggested: I’m pretty sure ferrets are not allowed within DC. You might want to check the Maryland shelters as he would likely have been “deported” there.

    • Ferrets were at one point illegal in DC, but no more. I’ve filed a report with animal control, as well as Humane Society and all shelters and ferret rescue orgs in the area.

  • It is absolutely impossible to post about a ferret, bowling, homework, the In-n-out Burger, ‘Nam, the Sabbath, Creedance, toes, pacifism, the Eagles, rugs, exposing oneself, fixing the cable, Malibu, nihilism, or any number of other topics without expecting a Lebowski reference to follow. Indeed, under these circumstances, any Lebowski reference not only receives a pass notwithstanding what, in typical circumstances, would be considered insensitivy, it is actually mandated.

    All that being said, in all seriousness, good luck finding the ferret and I hope it all works out.

  • I feel bad for the owner and the critter. I hope there’s a happy reunion.

    And just in case anybody’s wandering, this ferret is a European species. There’s only one ferret native to N. America and it’s the most endangered mammal on the continent – the black-footed ferret.

    Their story is actually quite fascinating. They were declared extinct in 1979 until a population was “rediscovered” a year later. After a illness swept through the population, just 18 were left on earth and now all the remaining black footed ferrets come from those critters.


  • Try the Zoo…seriously. Give them a call, explain your situation, they might have seen it or would be willing to keep an eye out for it. I know you live right near the Zoo because I’ve seen you walking the ferret along Adams Mill.

  • I’m thinking a small frightened house-creature is not going to wander off great distances, but will more likely “go to ground” – have you thought about borrowing a good sniffer dog? Not necessirily an official criminal bloodhound type dog, but any smell-focused pet might get interested in an exotic scent.

  • Wow – not necessarily a good misspelling there!

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