U Street Regresses?

Given how expensive rent must be on U Street, NW I was quite surprised to see a Dollar Plus Store open up at the prime location of 1514 U St, NW.

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  • Cleveland Park syndrome – even with the revisions to the ARTS Overlay, that block of U is maxed out on bars and restaurants, which drastically reduces the amount or rent a landlord can collect. Of course, Cleveland Park is too ritzy for a dollar store, so instead they just have a bunch of vacant storefronts.

  • ah

    Well, they don’t say how much “plus” there is. Maybe it’s $1 +++++.

  • How is the addition of a Dollar store somehow a signal that U Street is regressing??

    • i second that

    • Anyone who’s been around long enough knows that U Street used to be loaded with dollar stores and the like. The variety of retail wasn’t always as diverse as it is these days.

    • Are you kidding me? Dollar Plus sells incredibly low value add crap. That store would do better on lower Georgia Ave…oh wait, that’s kinda U st right?

  • I agree–The zoning uncertainty in the ARTS Overlay is already screwing up rents and with that we get crappy dollar stores.

    I sure hope the anti-restaurant folks are happy!

  • that space has been empty for a long time and it is a very weird floorplan. difficult for a store space, but probably not great for an office space. so maybe its just filler.

  • What’s wrong with a dollar store? People are hurting, stores with affordable goods fill a need. Regressing is the wrong word here.

  • Nice job, anti-restaurant/bar people! Enjoy your dollar stores and check cashing places.

  • It a regression because there’s already no fewer than a dozen dollar stores and the like in a one-mile radius of this address, whereas the neighborhood could use a unique storefront more attractive to the in-crowds if its recent growth trend is to continue.

    • “recent growth trend”

      Huh? The economy is tanking, not growing. I’d expect to see a lot more businesses catering to the dollar store crowd than the “in crowd” over the next several years.

      • Come out of your cave Anon-12:35. The economy on U Street, much less DC, is hardly tanking…

        The “recent growth trend,” on U Street is good for all us including renters, homeowners, and business owners.

        Maybe some don’t understand the meaning of “regress.”

    • where are these dollar stores, exactly?

  • Because Dollar Stores are terrible things.

  • Who is this’in crowd’? Is this group affiliated with the ‘hipsters’?

  • what’s next, the Happy Ending Massage Parlour? where’s my frozen yogurt joint and/or premium coffee shop?

  • I actually stopped in this place to check it out. The floor plan is way too small to have a place that offers food/drinks and seating. It lacks lighting to have a successful clothes boutiqe. The dollar store set up seems very temporary (ie the shelves could be dismantled in less than a few hours). If the owners could find a business that would want this floorplan and location, these guys will be out on their butts in a week.

  • Sometimes you just need to go to the dollar store. I took my kids to a dollar store on Saturday, and we bought a deck of Uno Cards for $1.79. Got a lot of value out of that purchase already.

  • where ARE the dollar stores? Mount Pleasant Street. I go in them once in a blue moon to buy cheap kids toys, Halloween costume accessories, etc. But I’m amazed how many stores one street can support that sell cheap crap.

  • Make all the “white” jokes about me that you want, but I would give my right arm for a Chop’t and/or a frozen yogurt shop in the neighborhood.

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