Should Bars Be Allowed to Open 1 Hour Early for the World Cup?

It has come to my attention that some bars are petitioning for the right to temporarily open up 1 hour early during the World Cup due due to the time difference. That means bars would be able to open up at 7am rather than 8am. It is my understanding that no decision has been made at the moment. The World Cup starts June 11 and ends July 11.

On a side note – for those that are fans, where are you guys gonna watch? I’m thinking two soon to be opened spots will be a good time – Biergarten Haus on H St, NE and Meridian Pint at 11th and Park Road, NW.

Ed. Note: Allez Les Bleus!

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  • Sure, just don’t serve alcohol. Make money by charging a piddly fee to the folks who can really only watch the games there (I don’t know any other places than bars to watch the games), just don’t serve the beer. Let the liquor licenses stand based on the agreement in place. A month of early bars for soccer would be a very bad precedent.

    • ah

      What’s bad and what’s the precedent? The WC will be in Brazil in 2014 so time zones won’t be as much of an issue. And so what if it is? Is drinking at 7am a huge problem?

    • What is the problem with drinking 1 hour early for an event like this?

    • Quit whining you tea totaler. Go rain on someone else’s parade you fascist pig.

    • A precedent for what? No other event compares or warrants this type of rule change other than the world cup.

  • Little known fact: before Prohibition, there was no such thing as “bar hours.” If you owned a bar, you opened when you wanted, and served who you wanted.

    Prohibition may have been repealed, but remnants of Prohibitionism remain.

    • ah

      Yeah, and if you drank at the bar and the cops decided to pay a visit, you might end up in jail.

      • he said “before” prohibition.

        • ah

          Fair point. Before prohibition, there was no minimum wage, no social security, and a host of other things the government didn’t (or couldn’t) do. Just sayin’.

          • There also was no internet. What’s your point? West Kansas’s point was despite the 21st amendment, temperance laws like last calls, opening hours, and blue laws still exist as remnants of a failed experiment in prohibition. You don’t think the fourteen years of forced sobriety or outlaw drinking is what brought us advances like the minimum wage and Social Security, do you?

          • Before Prohibition there was no income tax. The feds collected most of their revenue from liquor.

  • Drinking at 7am just sounds wrong, specially when you are not in college or at a tailgate.

    • it’s the WORLD CUP for the love of god. The rest of the world tunes to the time zone of wherever it is held. It’s your clock that becomes wrong. It’s a scientific fact documented by physicists.

  • Sounds wrong – but feels so right! I bartended in Alaska years ago when bars were simply required to close for one hour a day. Even the scrappiest roadside bend had at least 2 bars, so one would close from 6-7 a.m. and the other 7-8 a.m. Didn’t matter – you could still hit a moose on the drive home.

    • are you the only victoria that posts here, as far as you know? you seem very interesting from your comments, especially if its just one of you! i would love to see danny harris interview you for the peoples district blog.

  • Absolutely. And I cannot comprehend how there are actually 10% who responded “no” to the survey.

    Captcha: senility imposed

  • Bars can serve coffee!

  • I hope Biergarten Haus sets up a projector and a screen in the garden. A friend of mine was in Munich for the 2006 cup and said he had almost as much fun watching games in German biergartens as he did going.

  • ABRA is currently working on making this possible. The bars will be able to apply for a special exception ($500) to allow them to open as early as 7a.m. (alcohol service at 8 a.m. M-Sat. and 10 a.m. Sun. because that’s the law and that can’t be changed—just like it wasn’t changed for the inauguration) throughout the one month WC period. If a bar has a “voluntary agreement” with a local community group or ANC, they have to get that temporarily amended. The Adams Morgan ANC has already taken those steps at its meeting a couple of weeks ago.

  • A west coast baseball game could theoretically end hours after the mandatory last call, due to a rain delay. Would sports bars also be allowed to stay open late in this instance?

    • baseball is a steaming pile of nonsense compared to the WORLD CUP. First of all its a game – not a sport.

      Second – when BILLIONS of people world-wide watch baseball then we will talk about giving it some special rights.

      • You soccer fans are so petulant. So insecure about your sport that you sound like little girls who just had their hair pulled whenever someone dares challenge your imagined superiority of the sport in this country.

        • It’s actually you who defensively point put down and ridicule the greatest sport on earth by a far margin – and bring up some miconncieved notion trying to laughably compare your invented pseudo-athletic trivialities on the same level. Congrats – you are the best at “sports” you invented and only you play. Must feel proud of that.

          • Wrong. I didn’t say anything negative about soccer at all in my first post. It was you in your insecurity who threw the first punch. Maybe you should consider seeking refuge in some soccer-friendly country where baseball is just an afterthought and we baseball and “American football” fans aren’t constantly ruining your life.

  • This thing is bigger than america — choke it back, “lawmakers,” we’re far beyond your horizons now. Can’t even see your tiny molecule bodies. Open the pubs. Let the games fly freely. And behold the Three Lions! Behold!

  • this is the world cup not some theoretical ending of an early season MLB game. sheesh, folks, who knew there were so many puritans among us.

  • ah

    To the Ed.:

    Les Bleus shouldn’t even be there. Hand of Henry.

  • Yes. And again for the record, yes.

  • Of course, drink when you want. There will be no riots, no chaos, don’t worry.

  • I see no problem with it as a trial. If it causes a problem, don’t do it in the future.

  • Bars were allowed to do something similar for the 2002 World Cup (with even trickier wee morning hours). Everything was fine, hash browns were served. A certain amount of bars will open, many will add breakfast in terms of the agreement.

    I would assume that many bars in the city would like to open to cater to fans who want to watch 7:30am matches with a cup of coffee before heading into work a few minutes late (raises hand).

  • If you’re not even going to watch the games, how does opening the bar early affect you? I’m not going to watch the games, and I could care less if people were at the bar at 0730. More power to em! I don’t enjoy soccer, but a ton of other people do, and others might not enjoy watching hockey/softball/baseball. We’re all entitled to enjoy what we want.

  • England is good…for me to poop on.

    Altidore is going to smoke those fools.

  • You American soccer fans are a weird lot. You root for some random country that isn’t the USA and that you have no connection to whatsoever because you think it’s cool to do so, you refuse to subscribe to cable (where you could watch all the games at home) because that’s also the hip thing to do, and then you get all angry at the prospect of bars not opening up at 7 A.M. so you can watch the game there.

    • I agree. If you are American support USA. It’s not like your stupid US sports where you can be a fan of a team from a city you don’t live in just because they are good. You would get your ass kicked anywhere else in the world for behavior like that. And people from other countries don’t want your fake support anyway. Stick to your own. It’s what makes the WORLD CUP so awesome

    • You’re pretty much right, we American soccer fans are a weird lot, but I’ve also been to enough Redskins game to know that we don’t own weird.

      There are a lot of us who will be rooting for the USA, could stay home to watch the games on our own, but enjoy the atmosphere of watching them at a bar with like-minded people. I just don’t see how letting bars open an hour early is an issue.

  • “I hope you don’t seriously think there are more international soccer fans in the U.S. than baseball fans.”

    Of course there are more baseball fans in the US, but that’s not the point. And why would you assume that people care to make that point? The World Cup is a) a unique event in the sporting calendar b) clearly has a large market in the US or ABC/ESPN/Disney wouldn’t be stressing the hell out of it this summer.

    World Cup audiences are on par with recent baseball playoff numbers – seriously, look it up. And not everyone in the US who watches the World Cup is a huge international soccer fan, but they are interested for a month. To the original point about bars staying open late for baseball in the rare event that a game lasts longer than 2am EST – who cares? I’m sure plenty of places would take drinks from people and let them watch the remainder of the game – though technically against liquor laws. There are 10 World Cup matches scheduled for 7:30 ET, bars know now that they are happening and that there will be a market for them.

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