Help Find Lost Ferret (Adams Morgan) and Lost Shoe (The Mall)

Sadly I was out of town for a wedding so these two posts are coming a couple of days late but hopefully it’s not too late for folks to keep an eye out.

“Dear PoP,

I know you’ve had success helping lost dogs find their way home, so I hope you may be able to help my ferret. He got through a screen window and is now lost somewhere in Adams Morgan. He is very friendly and sociable; nips when he plays, but doesn’t bite; answers to the name Abu when he’s in the mood. I live on Adams Mill Rd near Walter Pierce Park, and he has little legs so probably wouldn’t get too far. There is a generous reward for his return, but he is so cute I could imagine someone keeping him anyway.”

“Dear PoP,

I lost a very important shoe (just one) on the mall last weekend and am desperate to find out if anyone found it.”

If you see the ferret or the shoe please leave a comment or email me at princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com.

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  • Ferret is so cute.. I would so keep it if I found it. jk.

    Shouls have had one one less shot of tequila and you may have had one extra shoe with you. Feel lucky that she has both her legs. And people were talking about taxing soda. Tax alcohol even more and save lives and shoes 😉

  • Come on – with a shoe like that – “lost” has got to be much more of a story!

  • this the most bizarre pair of “lost” postings ever! good laugh to start to monday, thanks pop.

  • I think I saw a ferret wearing a similar shoe this morning! Kidding. I hope the ferret makes it home safe and sound. As for the shoe, that must have been one crazy night. I think we all need to hear the details.

  • I bet she wanted to return it after using it once and is now stuck with the credit card bill and one shoe!

    Dont drink and wear expensive shoes!

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