Dear PoP – reunite a dog with his owners

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Ed. Note: Dog in photo is not the lost dog but an example of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

“Dear PoP,

i’m writing with the hope that you can help reunite a dog with his owners. i was driving back from yoga this afternoon (may 9) around noon and saw a dog in crisis. a man on a bicycle was trying to help the dog without much luck, so i pulled over to see if i could help. the dog was just cowering, scared out of his poor little mind, at the corner of kenyon and sherman avenue. he is a cavalier king charles spaniel and probably weighed maybe 7-8 pounds (little guy). he was maybe 6 years old. he had on a unique collar and is clearly someone’s pet. the police came, but the poor little dog was so afraid that and i stayed and sat with the little guy (who warmed up and let me pet him and feed him some treats i had in my purse and also drank some water) until animal control came to take him to the new york avenue shelter. btw, props to the humane society guys — they are total pros. i put something on craigslist but unfortunately don’t have a picture of him. i’m an animal lover and just know that if it were my pet, i would be sick with worry, so just wanted to do what i can to try to reach his owners and let them know their little guy is safe, but at the shelter waiting for them!”

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  • hi – i’m the person who sent in this email in the first place — i’ve been so worried about this little guy — dc animal control posts found animals on craigs list and when i checked today, they had estimated that he was only 1 year old, instead of 6 as i had previously thought. i really hope this helps someone find their little dog. thanks again for helping spread the word. he’s a real sweetheart of a dog.

  • Just called the animal shelter, nobody has claimed him yet! They’re going to put him up for adoption after 5 days…I think he’s on his 3rd or something. They also said he probably wouldn’t be in the shelter for long b/c he’s so cute!

  • I am the proud owner of a ckc spaniel and these are the sweetest little dogs. Unfortunately, they are very fragile personalities and I can’t even imagine how this little guy must feel – out on the street and now in a cage without human interaction. These are lap dogs and meant to be with their humans all the time. They are also a very high maintenance breed and I would hate for someone to just pick this dog up thinking he is a cute puppy. They come with many health problems that can cost a lot of money and someone off the street probably wont know that. I’d really like to see this dog go to a cavalier rescue group and be rehomed to someone that knows what they are getting into. A good organization is lucky star cav rescue ( Assuming his parents dont pick him up – which I certainly hope they do. Do you know which animal shelter this little guy is at?

  • Just wanted to let you know he’s been adopted to a wonderful home, I know his new Mom and Dad and he’s a very lucky little dog!

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