Dear PoP – Random Act of Kindness

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“Dear PoP,

Last week, as I ran through the rain with a stroller and no umbrella, I stopped under the awning of The Park at 14th to wait for the light to change. Two workers from The Park – a man and a woman, of whom I’m very sad I didn’t find out the names – popped out and offered me an umbrella. The umbrella was nice and large enough to cover both me and my daughter in her stroller. I couldn’t believe how generous and thoughtful two strangers could be. The people in this city utterly amaze me sometimes and I really hope a restaurant/club with such nice people working at it is successful. My husband and I are scheduling a date night there very soon!”

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  • What a great article. During rain a few weeks ago, I forgot my umbrella, too, and a very nice man walked me a few blocks, even walking me an extra half block out of his way to make sure I made it to my destination . People in this city really can be very kind.

  • How nice for you ladies. Sorry to be a cynic, but when you’re a guy, you’re on your own. You stand in the rain and nobody offers you jack. Nobody offers their cab to you or goes out of their way to wish tidy blessings upon you.

    Enjoy it while you’re young and cute.

  • A really nice random act of kindness: my girlfriend was at the Giant on Park a couple weeks back around mid-afternoon on a Friday. The lines were taking forever, lots of eye rolling. She gets to be behind the guy on deck in line, and a big potential delay kicks off: a woman who doesn’t speak English too well is trying to use food stamps, but is being told by the cashier that the food stamps can’t be used for two more days. Needless to say, the woman is pretty upset when she realizes that she can’t buy the food she needs. Totally calmly, the guy in front of my girlfriend, in back of the woman who is being told she can’t get use her food stamps for two more days steps up and says, “Please, I’d be more than happy to cover it.” He pays for the woman’s groceries and the five bottles of wine and loads of greens for a his dinner party and heads on out.

    I thought that was pretty cool.

  • Nice contrast to the baby-hating article in the Post. I had a similar experience, running down K street in a shower with baby in the stroller. A man walking the other way in the rain shoves his umbrella at me and says “please take this”. I declined b/c I was already soaked and at that point I was 30 feel from my car, but he was totally ready to just let him self get soaked to keep this Mommy dry.

    (And, I’m not that young and cute any more).

    D.C. is actually full of nice people.

  • I was unloading 18 bags of very heavy dirt for a garden at Cardozo High School last week, and I had no less than 4 strong dudes offer to carry everything from my car up that hill. Sometimes DC has very kind people, and I love hearing these stories. PoP, maybe it could be a regular feature?

  • I was just at Park tonight. And can understand why you might find some good lovin’ friendliness there. A little race equity and place matters goin’ on! Celebrate Wes Moore and his teachings….Iton too.

    What the heck is with the racial covenants in real estate contract paperwork from days of old, and what legacy has this left us? Can PoP’s legal team answer as it relates to DC? Iton seems to have figured it out for Oakland~

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