Best Spot For a Morning Cup of Coffee or Mojito

This one was awesome because there was actually a cup of coffee on the railing. First person to get the location gets a free PoP t-shirt:

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  • Is that the balcony over the door of the rectory, turned private residence, on 15th St btwn R and S, NW??

  • I think that this location is 1730 15th St. NW, across from “House of the Temple” community garden.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    JooKno and Allison are both right but JooKno got it right first. Please email me directly so I can get you a shirt.

  • God knows I love a good mojito first thing in the morning.

    Captcha: punishing elivened

    • but really: PoP, this drives me nuts. Could you change it to “Best Spot For a Mojito or Morning Cup of Coffee,” please pretty please?

      • …he means that its a good place for a morning mojito? Why are you assuming that your picky grammar policing is actually well placed? I, for one, would enjoy a morning mojito most of the places he’s featured.

  • I love that building, and have always been curious what the units inside are like. Anyone ever visited?

  • I used to live there when it was a group house owned by Brian Streidel, owner of the now defunct Classic Clothing vintage stores. We called it the monastery although it turned out we were wrong, it was once a convent – housed the teachers associated with the Catholic school next door that is now Bishop’s Gate condos. Note the cross on top of the building. Eight rooms (some with shared baths) and one (hopelessly grungy) kitchen! It has four levels, foot thick walls, incredible marble and paneling, and no parking spot. The private owner that bought it in (1997/1998?) got it for under $500K, tricked it out to the max and offered it for sale for a few million not long ago. Lots of character. Great views of the community garden on the grounds of the “Ghostbusters” Masonic Temple across the street.

  • P.S. No units. Single family. I’m not sure if they could get permission to create separate units because of the total lack of parking.

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