Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Reader Request and Question

This rental is located at 211 Morgan St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“2br/1ba +HUGE EAT IN KITCHEN &private backyard
Newly renovated with everything new or upgraded. Amenities include washer dryer, central air, huge backyard, new floors, storage in basement and new kitchen cabinets.
1.5 blocks from Big Bear cafe. 7 blocks to chinatown, 10 blocks to capital hill. 8 blocks to Georgetown Law School. Short walk to new Safeway and beautiful park”

The reader writes:

“I was wondering if you could do a Good Deal or Not for this rental in Mount Vernon Square? I’m hoping to move into that area with a couple of friends and am wondering what your readers think of both the neighborhood and the $2000 price for a two bedroom, one bath. Do people living in the neighborhood feel like the proximity to Chinatown, CityVista, etc is worth the slightly sketchy feel?”

I’m not sure if the photos are enough to determine whether it’s worth the $2000 per month but I think this neighborhood is a great one and is going to continue to get better. If the area feels slightly sketch, be sure to walk around at various times of the day to see if this is a place where you and your roomates will feel comfortable living.

What do you guys think – does $2000 per month sound reasonable for this 2 bed/1 bath?

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  • I like the area, but that is NOT 1.5 blocks to Big Bear, it’s 5.

  • right–i like living in the area too but i’m put off by the Big Bear claim. it looks a bit high. you could get a 3BR house in the area for about $500-$600 more or a place like this

  • I think it’s a decent deal (don’t see much available for less $ unless you’re willing to live in a basement). I live in the ‘hood and for me, the amenities definitely outweigh the negatives.

    Amenities: walk to Safeway, hardware store, restaurants, The Passenger, metro, Chinatown/PQ, Logan Circle, Bloomingdale farmer’s market, the mall, etc. I walk just about everywhere. Friendly neighbors. Lots of new investment. Backyard gardening.

    Negatives: semi-regular gunshots, helicopters overhead many nights, don’t recommend walking alone after 10 pm or so (earlier in winter).

    Foot traffic throughout the neighborhood has increased a lot since CityVista opened…

  • It is a cute place, I think it is worth it being pretty central to everything.

  • Love Morgan Street. I recently sold a house there. I also own other rentals nearby. If I recall, this is a rental for the first floor which also includes access to an unfinished basement. It’s not a basement apartment, hence the premium over my general assumption of 900/bedroom. It’s a so-so deal.

  • Morgan St is indeed a cute spot, but the old library and park on the eastern end still seem to attract an unsavory crowd much of the time. Does anyone know if this translates to actual crimes on the street like muggings and break-ins?

    Is it really possible to find a 3-bedroom house that close in for $2500?

  • This is super close to Chinatown and City Vista. I live right by here. I often walk back from Results, Safeway, the Passenger, even U Street late at night, no problems. Am I the one lucky fool, or just a step ahead of the shut-ins? As much as thinking we live in a “stabby” neighborhood validates our hipness, I’d say we let others in on the secret: you’re not going to be hassled if you exercise a modicum of vigilance.

    As for price, I’ve seen 2 bedroom English basements go for $1650 and above — on the East side of North Capitol in Eckington. So $2000 is possible, but not with this kitchen. Where are the rest of the cabinets?

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