House of the Day


I suppose technically this is two houses so I’ll give honors to the one on the left. They are from Capitol Hill in Southeast. Bonus if anyone can name the government building in the background seen through the alley.

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  • It’s the James Madison building of the Library of Congress, I think.

  • Hart Senate Office Building?

  • Yeah – definitely Library of Congress

  • Can’t be Hart (although it does look like it) if the House of the Day is in Southeast. I go with LoC as well.

  • It is the Madison building of the Library of Congress. I’ve actually been inside the left structure. It has been divided into three condos, which are nicely done but very small.

  • It is definitely the back of the Madison Building of the Library of Congress.

  • That’s the LOC Madison building. Also, it’s _three_ houses, not two. A friend of mine, who actually worked in the Madison building, used to own the one on the right. Pretty cool exterior, including carved-in-stone house number, but the interior had been unimaginatively renovated by at least one previous owner and was kind of blah. Maybe one or both of the other houses are as interesting inside as out.

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