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  • 🙁 Petworth won’t be the same

  • I haven’t seen that place open in over a year…

  • This is the stretch of Georgia Ave. that should be invested in and developed. Pop gives reports of places south of the metro and that doesn’t seem like the area that will bring the neighborhood back or cause a buzz. The storefronts back-to-back north of the metro on Georgia ave… that’s the stretch that will get foot traffic and an ongoing revenue stream…

  • It has definitely been open quite recently, I walk by it every morning with a lot of school kids grabbing breakfast. It always kept odd hours though, open until lunch only I believe.

  • It’s funny because Eatmore looks like it has always been there, but it only opened in 2006 or 2007.

  • I’m quite partial to the dancing chicken.


  • Quincy St Neighbor

    ONOES!! 🙁 i loved their cheeseburger subs and mac n’ cheese. They were so friendly too. It’s such a convenient location for me and they were the closest spot to grab breakfast or lunch when I’d work from home.

  • It was open this morning.

  • I dont think I had ever seen it open in my two years in Petworth?

  • I have eaten this within the past few months! And you should too…if you are lucky enough to catch them when they are open. I honestly don’t know if they are closed or not, but I can say they have always kept mysterious hours.

  • DAMN! The greasy chicken continues to breathe. I was hoping for a Whole Foods.

  • I walked by Saturday. They were out front, pulling down the letters and washing the wall under each letter. Maybe they are doing some painting?

  • they close super early. like 5. and they’re not open much on weekends. i think most of the customers are construction workers and a few locals in the neighborhood.

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