Good Deal or Not? “Modern Renov 3 level main home” Edition


This home is located at 1418 Rhode Island Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Modern Renov 3 level main home + Legal Studio Apt rents for $950/mo, Month – Month Lease. Dramatic 2 story living room w/ wall of windows & wood burning fireplace open to Updated Kit. 2 BR, 2BA & Skylight + Den w/ W/ D. New Carpet up, Newly Refinished HDWDs main flr. Garage PKG + Driveway PKG! PRIVATE low maintenance deck. Great Entertaining Space. seller reserves right to accept/reject all offers”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

This is definitely a bit more modern than we usually look at but I’m glad to finally take a look inside. I know the past people have not been big fans of the curb cuts out front but what do you think of the inside? Does $869,555 sound realistic?

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  • GREAT location– Good deal.

  • Great location and great that it has parking but I don’t like the inside at all. I wouldn’t buy it. Why is the kitchen and dining room all the way up on the third floor and living area is below? The kitchen looks horrible and needs to be gutted. Yuck!

  • Good God Man! What were they thinking? It looks like it was architected and designed by a LEGO-Maniac.

    I’d be so pissed if I was their neighbor.

  • I envy the location, but I think that this stretch of rowhomes rate as some of the ugliest in DC. They just look dated, as in 1985-Miami-Vice dated. I always pictured them as bigger on the inside, too. Hard to tell if it’s a bad photo problem, but the interior doesn’t seem all that spacious aside from the living room. Corrugated steel wouldn’t be my first choice for under a kitchen counter either. With some updating it could be nice. Given everything I find unattractive about the property, under $900K in that location isn’t a bad deal.

  • What’s with the blue around the windows? It looks like all the windows are surrounded in that blue tape you use when paiting…no likey, but I’ve got no idea if this is a good deal or not.

  • Ugh. That is an ugly house. It looks like a 1970s rowhouse went to the Outer Banks, got too friendly with the locals, and 9 months later this was born.

    The location is great, so it’ll sell. Curb cuts are bad policy, although I guess it’s nice to have your own. But why even have a car if you live there? What a waste.

    And speaking of waste, I’m not a proponent of two-story rooms. I’d rather pay for square footage than volume. What are you going to do with that “second floor”? There is no privacy but for the third floor chambers. (The floor plans are mis-labeled.) Ugh.

  • I like it. And WOW to the price w/parking. If everything blue on the exterior was painted black, and the white railing was replaced with wrought iron or something, it could look much more up to date.

  • Good deal. Great location, nice interior. Sure, the outside is ugly but whatever. They could be renting the basement for more than $950 a month, too.

  • Fugggggly! This is like Greek Miami Vice. And that kitchen! Did they walk into a Chipolte and say, “that’s the look and feel I’m going for!”?

  • I LOVE good modern architecture, but this is NOT good modern architecture.

    That place screams “decorate me with Nagel paintings!”

  • I went to the open house last week after passing by, and this place is HIDEOUS! From both the outside and inside. It was designed in the early 80’s & I don’t think anything was newly done except for wall-to-wall carpeting. Don’t think this will be an easy sell, no matter how good the location.

  • crazy … I looked at the middle one about six years ago. It was going for $500K at the time.

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