Good Deal or Not? “Like-New 2Br/2Ba” Edition (Reader Request)

This condo is located at 1300 Taylor Street, NW:

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The flier says:

Like-New 2Br/2Ba in Sm Condo Bldg: Gourmet Kitchen w/ Granite & S. S. Appl. Elegant Space w/ Gas FP & High Ceilings, HWF. Jacuzzi Tub, Tumb Marble in Master BA, W/ D, 2 massive storage closets, ADT Alarm. 1140SF. 6 Blocks to Metro, Close to Rock Creek Pk, Target & Giant, Nightlife. Very Pet Friendly! New Price!!

You can find more info and photos here.

I like how the dog is in the bedroom photos. But what do you think of this 2 bed/2 bath? The light looks good for a lower level unit. That would be one of my biggest concerns. Does $340,000 sound reasonable (with a $311 monthly condo fee)?

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  • Hmmm, well I would never buy a basement condo (I’d only want to buy a place I would be happy living in for 5+ years, and I think I would get tired of a cave-like dwelling long before that) but if this were on a higher level the price would probably be close to $400, so $340k is probably fair. If you needed to move out you could probably rent it for $2000/month and cover your costs.

  • I see your point LJ, but the pictures seem to tell a different story about the light. It looks like there is a TON of light flooding the place.

    I think it’s a fair price for the unit and the location. I also like the fact that it’s so close to Rock Creek Park.

  • $340K is a good price for such a large space. But basement units have their own issues. If the building has mice or roaches, you will have more of them than anyone else. If it is wood construction, you will hear your neighbors walking above you. Things to consider.

  • I just saw that a first floor unit sold for over $400. I’d say you could probably ask as much as $350 or so and it would still be a decent deal. Plus I really like that it’s a) 2 blocks from rock creek and b) close enough to target, etc. without being too close.

  • Never ever ever ever buy a basement unit. They are horrible investments and come with 95% of the building’s problems. Light is the least of your concerns. If you are going to live in a basement, you better be renting. Bad deal.

  • I dunno – I have no good sense of this. It is a lot of square footage, but, as others have said, in a basement? Yeesh…the main room looks cramped to me, especially with the build-out to cover piping. On top of that, yes, it is close to the park, and I regularly run down that stretch of Taylor on my loop through the park, but it’s right across the street from a very sketch building. The 1200 block of Taylor is not great. I guess I can’t see paying that kind of money for it, but it will be interesting to watch.

  • No deal: up in that neighborhood, you might as well buy a house with that money. And there’s no way you’d be able to cover your mortgage with rent for a unit out there.

    • What are you smoking? I’ve been trying to buy something near there and houses that are ready to move into don’t go for less than $550k-$600k. The only things that are in the $350k price range are condos or houses that need way too much work and money – they’re essentially shells.

  • I actually went to the open house last sunday. Great condo, lots of light for a lower level, loved the kitchen and the big closets.

  • i really like that building. if someone doesn’t mind being in a basement, i guess it’s a good deal.

  • That building is uber douchy. We used to refer to that building as the yuppies. Jocks hanging out front smoking cigars on every nice evening. All the Range Rovers and Bimmers on the block were directly traceable to that building. That being said, 2 years ago they were trying to sell units in that basement at over 500K. Which used to be the same price you could buy an entire house at block. But since a house in foreclosure went for $450K right on the same block, I’d say this now appropriately priced.

    The building across 13th is in bad shape. But I’ve never seen any problems from that building. Just nice folks without a lot of money. (which, gasp!)


      And here I thought this area was strictly for holier than thou hipsters…

    • Heh…yuppies…

      It seems like an awful lot of $$$ for that location. I guess I’d rather live in the not-great-building across the street with the non-douchey people and save my money.

  • To the person who posted the original question, I am one of the yuppies who lives in this building and I can personally say that it is a great building! There is a real sense of community with those not only living in the building but with those people living on the block. We are original owners and have enjoyed our years in the neighborhood. As to the price of the unit, I think its a steal! If I had gobs of money laying around I would buy it myself and rent it out. Its a great investment. Hope that helps a little! Let me know if you have any questions I can help answer about the area. Good luck with your home search!

  • I’ve seen a few of the condos in that building. Nice condos, nice building, very nice block, close but not too close to everything you need. Yes! Organic is just 2 blocks away.

  • We live on that block. I love our neighborhood. I cant speak to what’s a good condo price, but it’s a beautiful building and the residents are all pretty friendly. Lots of dogs and they all seem pretty upper-income. I dont think that’s a crime, though, and I dont think it’s a negative thing in a neighbor. All you want are people who give a shit about their home, right? The sidewalk and grass areas are always well taken care of, if that helps.

  • Can’t really find anything for that low of a price in that area. (Unless it need some work) So I guess it’s a good deal, if you want to get in on that area. I guess with the Yes and the Target/Best Buy and the other stuff opening up the prices have gone up.

  • I too live in the area. Yes there is a very sketch apartment building right across the street from this fancy condo building but the residents at the sketch building are simply low income families that cannot afford any place else to live. For the neighborhood, we love it here, neighbors are friendly, lots of young professionals and young hipsters. Every few weeks I see a new face to the neighborhood. I feel like the area is constantly changing for the better on a monthly basis. We are close to the Derby, the new Yes!, and the GA Ave metro station and of course Rock Creek Park.

  • My wife and I have lived at 13th and Shepherd for exactly two years now and we love the area. We spent nearly a year looking before we bought, and we settled on north Columbia Heights over other parts of the city – largely because we believe this neighborhood offered a better value. Since we have moved in, we’ve become loyal patrons of new businesses like the Yes! organic supermarket, Qualia Coffee on Georgia, Social on 14th, two Vietnamese restaurants and we like the other spots too like the Derby. The neighborhood is not perfect as the crime reports will attest, but we do feel safe here.

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