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From MPD:

“On Sunday, April 25, 2010, at 11:10 p.m., a Robbery Hold Up/Gun offense occurred in the 2600 blk. of Woodley Pl., N.W. (PSA 204) and was subsequently reported to the MPD.

The victim reported that an unknown suspect(s) got out of a parked vehicle and approached him from the front. He produced a black colored semi-automatic handgun and told him to give him his wallet and to empty his pockets. Before the victim could react, a second suspect got out of the same auto and began to go through the victim’s pockets. A third suspect stayed in the vehicle the entire time the offense was occurring. The suspects took a cell phone, money, credit cards, NJ Driver’s License as well as other personal items and left the scene in the vehicle.

The suspects were described as follows:
#1-Black/Male, 20-25 YOA, 6’0’’, 175 lbs. (medium build), with short black hair, clean shaven and a medium complexion. He was wearing a blue colored jacket and pants and was armed with a semi-automatic handgun.
#2-Black/Male, 20-25 YOA, thin build and a medium complexion.
#3-Black/Male, nothing further.

The vehicle, a dark blue 4-door, no further description, was being driven by the third suspect.”

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  • The real crime here is the victim failing to switch their driver’s license to DC.

    • Yes. A “foreigner” in DC. I forgot that this wasn’t part of the USA.

      This reminds me-I’m 36, and I had my MA license ‘run’ at Buffalo Billiards the other night upon entry. At my age, why would I bother o thave a fake ID? I look plently old- trust me. Have bouncers never seen IDs from the 50 states in DC, our nation’s capital, where most people are NOT from DC?

      • saf

        “DC, our nation’s capital, where most people are NOT from DC?”

        Not true.

        • You know, I thought that was a reasonable assertion (without going through the laborious census research- something that a random post on a random blog really doesn’t deserve, in my humble opinion) but I kinda should have expected one-upsmanship/ corrections from other commenters.

          What is really funny is that, if you read that article that you posted (thank you for doing the research for me, by the way) is that it says this:

          “Another way of looking at this is to examine what portion of the residents are native-born. Forty percent of D.C. residents were born in this city.”

          If 40% of DC residents were born in the city, my general assertion that most people here are not from DC is supported by your link.

          OK. Now you can get mad, and find more data and correct something here. I don’t care anymore.

          • saf

            Mad, nah. Irked. It annoys me when people make baseless assumptions about my city.

            And as for if we are from here or not, it depends on your definitions, and that’s where it gets pointless. You might think 2 years here makes you a local, and someone else might think it take 10, while another might say if you’re not a native, you’re not local…

            Anyhow, in my opinion, DC is no more transient than most other places, especially most other major US cities.

          • saf

            Oh, and it’s also worth finding the info on born in the city vs born in, say, Arlington or Silver Spring but raised in the city. That affects the number too.

          • The only thing that really irks me is sometimes feeling like I am treated like a second class citizen for not having a DC drivers license.– I’ll get that when I have a regular job and a long-term lease and address. Until then, I am stringing together temporary jobs and temporary addresses (month to month, informal renting, and short-term sublets.

            Having bars ‘run’ my MA license and not DC ones is just annoying.

      • I realize that you might have sentimental attachment to the Massachusetts designation on your ID, but you should realize that if you’re a permanent resident here, you need to get your DC drivers license.

        • see my post above. It is an economic/ job/ housing issue, rather than a sentimental one. I’ve only been here for a few months.

  • Sounds like a couple scrawny muggers. If it was me and they didn’t have a gun I would have been happy to show them a proper beat down. One of these days these dopes will bite off more than they can chew. And maybe it’s just what the muggers of the world need to hear before they start second guessing their line of work: “Would be mugger shot dead after victim turns tables”

    • “If it was me and they didn’t have a gun. . .”
      Best laugh I’ve had all day! Imagine if they were paraplegic dwarfs!

  • Probably listening to his ipod.

  • Has anyone heard that Nellie’s was robbed recently? I heard it from a bouncer that works near there.

    • it was on the local news the other day. not sure i spotted it in a blog, but i bet it made at least one.

  • Really? Maybe they were visiting…

  • May be the same guys as described in the crime wave along Georgia ave on April 1st.

  • I walk on this stretch of Calvert everyday and that corner has been getting sketchier and sketchier. I’ve seen a lot of strange and out of place happenings there. There have been quite a few times I’ve walked by and there were guys looking very suspicious and just hanging out checking people out. Did a drug den start up or something there?

    • I actually snorted a laugh out loud when I read this…

      • Just so Sketchy doesn’t snort him or herself to death – let me clarify. I have walked past that location to get to work and back for 5 years. Only until just recently have I felt unsafe in that area. I felt unsafe before this mugging even happened because on multiple occasions there have been guys standing at that corner acting suspicious. By suspicious I mean they’re obviously anxious and checking people out (not in the “hey sexy mama” way). They have something to hide and I can pretty safely say it is not legal whatever they’re hiding, so I consider drugs to be a pretty viable option.

        And how convenient that they’re near a place where people can see a long distance away that someone is walking alone from Adams Morgan. Hardly anyone walks towards Adams Morgan late at night, almost all the traffic is going to the metro. So these guys can spot someone walking alone with no one walking around them from a safe distance. They can easily mug them – in a way that no one else is around and the victim is pretty much trapped on a bridge (unless you want to run into traffic?). They can also spot if the person is intoxicated, because coming home late from the lab many nights has taught me to be cautious of the drunk people weaving back and forth on the bridge.

        Personally, rather than snorting, I’d be taking extra caution if you’re coming home from Adams Morgan alone late at night. I don’t think this is the last of these incidents, nor do I think it is the first. I hope people will try to walk in groups and just stay more vigilant. I think people let their guard down too much because it has been a relatively safe place. I know I was feeling the same way a few weeks ago.

  • yep there are 3 young black guys robbing up and down georgia and 13th street. they are seen all the time on u street area side streets, checking car doors and peering inside every single car.

  • Did he get the car’s plates numbers?

  • wonderful.

    another reason to live in the District of Crime 😉

  • Go to where the money’s at. I saw 4 thugs in the alley in Adams Morgan behind the Exxon in a big blue SUV talking sh&t about how that nig&a could take those sugersnaps. With MD plates. The behavior of young black men in this town sucks. Seems to get worse day by day. So full of anger, hate, violence, and general poor manners.

  • Be nice if we could actually carry something more than a pea shooter in DC to protect ourselves. What a friggin’ joke.

  • Taking this somewhat off topic….

    As much as I support gun control, I do sometimes secretly wish that “concealed carry” was legal in DC. I really do think that if muggers thought that they might be met with a well-trained victim, they might think twice.

    That being said, I think that the vast majority of legally-acquired guns in DC would never be used for “good”, but would be stolen, get in to the hands of kids, etc.

  • According to the police, the gun was “black colored”? Were the cops afraid that if they merely said the gun was “black”, we’d misunderstand them?

    Cop-speak is always entertaining, until you realize it is evidence of a police culture that holds itself detached from the mainstream of society.

  • I only take my gun to snowball fights. 😉

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