Dog Found on Euclid Between 11th and 13th Streets, NW

“Dear PoP,

This dog was found wandering Euclid between 11th and 13th around 10am this morning. Hoping that he might have a microchip I brought him down to City Paws but they were unable to identify him. He is currently at City Paws awaiting transfer to the Humane Society on New York Ave. Hopefully the owner will be able to claim him.”

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  • That’s my neighbors dog! They are on the phone with them right now.
    Thanks to the person that helped this sweet fella!!

  • my wife is on her way…. what else do you need to get hime back

  • I’m so glad his family found him. Thanks PoP, for helping people find their lost pets!

  • That’s awesome!

  • Great happy-ending story. No one wants to have to go through it however, so I recommend they have tags that give you 5 lines of 22 characters – plus more on the back if you want, so you can put a whole address and 3 phone numbers right on the tag. And the tags are made by people with disabilities.

    Especially if you have a skittish dog – get the large round plastic tag which, unlike stamped metal, is readable from a few feet away. (And doesn’t clink.)

    And yes, I know dogs sometimes slip their collars – but not all that much – a good tag is easy cheap protection.

  • I am so thrilled that his animal has been reunited with his masters.

    It’s scary to think how many animals end up being put to sleep simply because they were lost.

    I won’t take my dog outside unless he has on his collar and the collar has our phone # on it. And we never allow him outside without us anyway.

  • Dogs who are skittish or slip their collars or are prone to jump the fence should have on martingale/no-slip collars 24/7. Rescues use them and totally reduce the number of dogs that can get away. They aren’t choke chains and properly fitted they are amazing. Stop by any reputable rescue’s adoption event and they will happily help you fit one or follow the link above. You can buy them locally at Wagtime, the Dog Shop, and most other boutiques. You can also buy them on Etsy from sighthound rescue groups.

  • Speaking of lost people, there was a long thread here a few months ago regarding a young, well-known and well-loved man (a barber, maybe?) who had gone missing. I didn’t know him, but I’m curious if he ever turned up.

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