Dear PoP – Who do you call if you see a dead animal?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoP,

Saw a dead cat on Monroe between 14th and 16th, and heard the neighbor say “What do you do with a dead cat on your sidewalk?” Thought that was an interesting question.”

I wondered the same thing when I saw a dead deer (don’t click if you are squeamish) last year. I believe you can call 311 (DC city services) and they will send someone out.

Power Outage in Columbia Heights?

On an unrelated note, a reader would like to know if anyone else experienced a power outage from 9pm to 4am in Columbia Heights last night? Given the hours I’m wondering if it was a planned outage?

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  • Yeah, power was out from 9pm to 4am last night. Called up the emergency line and they said it was a “scheduled outage” and we should have received advance notice. πŸ™

  • This morning at about 5 I was watching television when the power went out on the TV and the cable box.
    Just momentarily but most unusual having never happened before.
    I noticed no other electrical power anomalies.

  • Unfortunately, that was our dear cat, Spanky. (We took care of him immediately after the incident.)

    Even with all of the construction that blocks up Monroe St., cars still manage to speed. I fully understand that cats are not the biggest concern, but a one-way street with cars parked on both sides and hidden alley entrances/exits, is very dangerous for the mulitude of young children, as well as animals, who play outside.

    Does anyone know what requirements exist in order to get a “Slow Down, Children Playing” sign on the street?

    Re: power outages, we recieved a notice on our door this morning from Pepco stating a schedule outage on Tuesday, April 20th from 9am – 4pm.

    • I have two cats, so I sympathize with you and I’m sorry to hear this. However, if you were to ask the WHS (Washington Humane Society) they would tell you that this is one of several reasons why they will not adopt a cat to someone who intends to keep it as an outdoor cat. Outdoor cats in cities experience many dangers, and cars are at the top of the list. Others include disease, feral cats, raccoons, rat poisons and rats, chemical spills, and the list goes on. If you intend to keep a cat outdoors in DC, then you should expect that his/her life span will be greatly reduced due to the increased exposure to the many dangers of a city.

    • I agree. I read somewhere that the average lifespan of an outdoor cat is 6 years, and an indoor cat is 16 years. that said, I’m very sorry to hear about the cat who was killed on Monroe Street and extend my condolences to the owners. πŸ™

      • Melissa,

        I want to feel sorry for you, but I can’t feel anything but frustration over people that allow cats outside.

        I only feel sorry for the cat.

        RIP, Spanky. May your 2nd of 9 lives bring you into the loving home of someone who keeps you inside.

          • you +1 someone talking down to a person who’s cat just died?
            you guys suck

          • The cat didn’t “die” it was killed by people refusing to accept the reality of city life with cars. Of course no one wants to see a pet killed – or to have people go through the pain of losing a pet – so smart people advocate for better care.

          • Agreed. You guys suck! Do you think they loved their cat less than you love your pets just because they did not know any better to keep it inside? How about providing some constructive ideas or sympathy instead of dumping on someone who already feels like crap.

  • In West Virginia, you jes’ take it home and cook it!

  • So sorry to hear about your cat πŸ™

  • My power was out at my apt on the 1300 block of Kenyon from around 9 pm last night to exactly 4 AM this morning. Most of the block appeared to be powerless, including the traffic lights at 13th and kenyon.

    I called Pepco to report the outage and their automated system estimated power would be back on by 11 pm. Clearly, the estimate was way off, but the fact that it gave any estimate at all makes me think this was not a scheduled outage.

    If it was indeed a scheduled outage, there was a serious lack of PR or any notice whatsoever.

  • The proper people to call would be 311. They will call the Department of Public Works to remove the animal.

  • ugh yes, power was out from 8:57 to 4am. Right before I was about to turn on my tv to watch Glee.

  • Saw a poor dead possum on Buchanan the other day.

  • My power has gone out twice on Lamont St. the past couple of months. The first one was pretty major and I think they did a major rehab on the infrastructure. Perhaps they were doing some replacements if it was a scheduled outage.

    In regards to dead dear; sorry I missed that post last year; would have taken him to the butcher!!

  • Yum’s

  • Weird. Our CH house has never lost power… not for scheduled stuff, and not for weather stuff. I wonder if our power lines tap straight in to the earth’s core? But Pepco still bills us… Hm.

  • Call 311. This past winter one of the alley cats died right by our gate into the alley. We called and they asked us to place it in a plastic bag and leave it by the gate. The city picked it up the same day.

  • if it’s dead, but talking, floating, vaporous, etc, you call the ghostbusters. get it together people.

  • I urge all of you who had power go out to email or call Jim Graham’s office and complain. I did that a few days ago, becuase we’ve lost power five times since Jan 1st. Jim imedaitely emailed the PEPCO folks to get the scoop. They were responsive, and claimed that equipment will be upgraded soon, but they also basically said that I lied, that power had only gone out twice this year. Well, I respectfully disagree…but would sure love to have other people email Jim Graham’s office to lodge their complaints so they can change their equipment, provide advance notice, and basically be more responsive.

    Jim Graham can be reached at: [email protected]

    Seriously, please email him – the electric service stinks, rates keep going up, outages keep ocurring, and PEPCO doesn’t think there is a problem.

  • We were told our power was going to be out from 9PM to 4PM on a Tuesday night a few weeks ago but it never went out. Sounds like they sent the notice both to the wrong blocks and for the wrong date.

  • I mean 4AM

    Captcha: the snip

  • I live in CH, and our power seems to be a little unpredictable at times. Because of the construction I’m guessing, since my apt is new construction. I bought a bunch of AC line conditioners after my computer and new flat-panel tv shorted out. Things have been fine since then, but I don’t plug in anything more complex than an alarm clock unless its into one of those line filters.

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