Dangerously Delicious Pies Looking Good

Even though they’ve only been open for a week or so, the word is out on this spot because the place was packed on Friday night. They are located at 1339 H St, NE (near the Star & Shamrock) and you can see their menus here. I’ve spoken to folks who say that the pies are phenomenal. Anyone check them out yet?

More photos after the jump.

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  • Two questions: Do they have meat pies? (Looks like all American-style pies, not British…) And why are they using disposable aluminum pie pans? That’s a lot of non-recylable pans.

    • Yes, they have meat pies. Their revolving menu is on their website. I like both the steak & gruyere.

    • Not recycleable? I thought aluminum was by far the most recyclable material out there.

    • I was suspect about the high prices as well but the savory slices (7.50 including tax) are as filling as a Taylor Sub so Im a believer— I suppose the first people buying Starbucks balked at the price and now its the norm.

  • If you pay $28 for a pie, kill yourself by eating the pie on metro tracks somewhere on the red line.

  • Anyone know what the price range is per slice, as opposed to whole pie?

  • Oh no that blueberry pie looks watery and the top isn’t browned at all… not exactly mouth watering in my book… I will reserve full judgment until I eat it though…

  • $28 for a pie is way steep, and I guarantee my grandma’s is better.

  • Slices are between $6-$7.50. Kinda expensive, but the pie is amazing, the photos don’t do it justice. probably a good thing, the high price, otherwise we’d be a bunch of lard butts around H St.

  • While it seems like a lot of money for a slice of savory pie, I have now gone two nights and been full from one slice both times.

    IMHO, $7 for a darn tasty meal is not bad.

  • whenever you pay 28 dollars for an apple pie, an amish person laughs at your idiocy

  • I am trying to stay in shape and work on getting my abs. Showing me these good looking pies isn’t helping my cause and to keep my manly physique. LOL

    I love french apple pie.

  • Correction:

    I am trying to stay in shape and work on getting my abs tight.

  • I did it last week….baltimore bomb on the employees recommendation. I wasn’t that impressed and really wanted to be. Crust was good, maybe just the wrong flavor

  • That berry pie looks like a tutorial in how not to make pie… dry, under-browned crust with runny, watery filling. It looks like they’re either not putting enough flour/pectin/whatever in, or they’re serving them before they’re cool. Gross.

    This Southerner has high standards for pie. I don’t think I’ll be dropping $28 for a watery mess there anytime soon.

  • The very best thickener for a fruit pie, sadly lacking here, is tapioca. The small kind of tapioca, not pearl tapioca (aka fish eyeballs). Good in bubble tea, not so much in pies.

    A quarter cup in a 9″ cherry or blueberry pie is about right. Peach pie–maybe a heaping tablespoon. Same with strawberry-rhubarb.

    Also the pie above seems to be lacking in vents in the top crust, especially around the perimeter.

  • PLEASE OPEN A STORE ALONG 14th/U STREETS, PLS PLS PLS. (Don’t worry, we’re all working on that city cap on eateries). Tried their pie this wknd, and just about fainted. It’s that good.

  • This opening is amazing. A month ago, I actually blogged about wanting hipster chefs to abandon cupcakes in favor of other dessert shops, even outlining why a pie shop specifically would appeal to their sensibilities. And now here it is! Wonderful.

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