A Couple of Stolen Scooters Found

I get emails from time to time about scooters getting stolen so I thought I’d throw this info out there:

“On 4/17/10, Fifth District Officers recovered two scooters in the Trinidad area, both appear to be stolen, however, there is no report for them…and hence no way to return them to their owners.

The first is a black and silver “VIP” scooter. It has “Peace Sport” on the side panels near where the rider’s feet would be placed.

The other is a silver scooter with “Silver Fox” in blue and purple stickers.

Any help would be appreciated.

Officer J. Bagshaw
Fifth District Auto Theft
Office: 202 698 0173″

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  • They both sound like cheap Chinese scooters, unlike the beautiful Italian Vespa in the picture.

  • Agreed – probably cheap Chinese POS’s. People don’t bother to get them registered so they can’t be identified by their VIN #’s and subsequently returned to their owners.

  • I saw an officer on one of these scooters on Bladensburg the Saturday afternoon going towards the police station.

    It was odd to see the cop on the bike but it made more sense when a cruiser came up and proceeded to turn on his lights as if pulling him over while his partner was spilling buckets of laughter all over the place.

  • Register your scoots, people!

  • “Register your scoots, people!”

    That would require paying money to register your scooter.

  • Yes, it would require paying money. How about “Register your scoots, people (if it’s worth the money to you to have a chance of seeing it again if it gets stolen)!” That being said, I had a registered scooter stolen and it’s long gone. Sigh.

  • How much do these things cost.. is there an auction program or initiative where one can buy these lost and found or impounded scooters?

    I would love to get one just for the heck of it.. seems fun!

  • You don’t want one – trust me. Even new, a vast majority of Chinese scooters are garbage. A lot of really substandard components used [think tires and brakes]. It’s damn near impossible to find spare parts, and no legitimate motorcycle or scooter repair shop will touch them. There are a lot of people on craigslist selling them out of storage units and illegal garages, claiming they have warranties, are street legal, etc. All bs. Most of them aren’t DOT/EPA approved, can not be registered, don’t come with a title or legit ‘certificate of origin’. If MPD had any sense they would destroy them instead of auctioning them off to unsuspecting folks.

  • ontarioroader, as a cat owner I never get tired of your icon. So cute! Where did you find it?

    I also own a Vespa LX 50 that I haven’t bothered to register, as I do a damn fine job securing it with 2 locks, and it isn’t worth that much to me in the whole scheme of things.

    • @Thought – sorry, I have now idea where the kitty is from originally. I stole it off the screensaver of computer at a shelter where I used to volunteer.

      The only other hitch with not having tags on your scoot is that in theory you could get tossed in jail for operating an unregistered vehicle, but MPD kinda backed off citing folks for that after some cafe owner got popped for it and pitched a fit with the press.

      • You definitely want to register your scooter. People get pulled over and cited for that violation all the time, trust me.

        And instead of buying one of those Chinese scooters, go find a used Vespa. The Indian-built ones are particularly affordable on the used market.

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