Tonic Restaurant Adds Vegan Menu Options

Mt. Pleasant Farmers' Market
Photo by PoPville flickr user ewilfong

From an email:

“After working with Compassion Over Killing, Tonic Restaurant on Mt. Pleasant St. has just added a brand new vegan menu in addition to their current menu. They are now offering poblano pepper, broccoli risotto, and a lot more! In order to celebrate the new menu, DC Vegan Drinks is being hosted at Tonic on April 5th at 7 pm.”

While we’re on the topic, I’m still waiting to hear if Vegetate has found a new home.

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  • Awesome! i live nearby and love the one veggie burger they have on the menu, but it gets old after a while… so thrilled they’ve got many more vegan options now

  • This is great! Mt. Pleasant needs more vegan options.

  • I tried the stuffed plobano pepper and it was great! It’s an awesome neighborhood bar to stop by for a drink and dinner, and they have great specials.

  • Sounds awesome! Please let us all know when you hear anything about Vegetate, even baseless rumors. Im still excited over the rumor of it going in over Meridian Pint or whatever. They had better hurry up before I head over to Tonic and possibly find a new favorite vegan place.

  • I think this was a no brainer. Tons of vegans in MTP. If Vegetate were to take one of the vacant places on MTP street we could get a real vegan dining synergy going.

  • I have to say, Tonic’s food has never been as good as it was right after the place became Tonic. The cheesesteak with tater tots was to die for.

  • Rad. We need more vegan options in this city!

  • I will have to check it out!

    I hope Vegetate can reopen in MtP or Columbia Heights. There seems to be an available storefront or two on Irving Street near the Metro station. But I will make clear that this is nothing more than wishful thinking.

  • Tonic doesn’t have very good food to start with, but its a good place to meet up for a drink

  • Now if only someone could get them to clean their beer lines.

  • The downstairs has to be one of the loudest bars in all of DC. Annoyingly loud even at 5 PM. Not the sort of place for conversation.

  • I think tonic has great food and this is very exciting!

  • Very exciting!

  • Tonic is one of my favorite bars in town, which is the only reason I’ve ever ordered the mediocre food coming out of its kitchen. As I’m 99.9% unlikely to order from the new vegan menu, I wish the vegans luck.

    I just hope this doesn’t turn the place into a “vegan bar.” I don’t even know what that would mean, but I’m assuming it means less greasy/meaty food for hours 2-4 of drinking, and that doesn’t appeal to me one bit.

  • The only thing more annoying than a vegan, is a vegan on a bicycle.

  • Last time I went their veggie burger was absolutely terrible! It’s sad because I love going in their for their burger deal, the TOTS and to watch “Cash Cab”! I will wait to hear more reviews on their vegan menu before bothering to spend my money there again.

  • I’m so thankful for COK working with local restaurants to add to or expand their vegan options, and I’m happy about having more excuses to go to Tonic. Frickin’ awesome.

  • These ass clowns who own this place make horrible food. Great job getting on the green/social responsibility bandwagon.

  • Let us know when they offer an all-pork menu.

  • i heard they got a new chef and from what i’ve had there lately it’s been awesome, huge improvements. im not a vegan by any means (bacon will always be a food group to me)but i had the stuffed poblano (i thought was gonna be spicy and it wasn’t)and it was amazing! my boyfriend had the veggie burger, which i found out was homemade, and waaayyy better then most i’ve had. the bread pudding was to die for. glad to see my neighborhood spot keeps getting better

  • went in with my girls for dessert and drinks last night, now i don’t know if the key lime pie, raspberry bread pudding, and the brownie are vegan or not but OMG they were spectacular! the server said they are all made in house

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