Thai Restaurant Coming to New Jersey Ave and R Street, NW


Thanks to a reader for the tip on this development. I’m a bit late on this one but folks have frequently asked me if I’d heard any news about this retail space that has been vacant for quite a while. Turns out it is run by a company called Beau Thai LLC.

After doing a google search I found the following from the Bloomingdale blog:

“She is aiming for an early March opening. She is a veteran in the Thai food business (and a relative of the operator of Thai X-Ing on Florida Avenue NW).

She will at first only have take-out service, as her zoning appears to be restricted to that for the time being (take-out was apparently grandfathered-in through prior use of the, very nice, building). She told me that what she really wants to do is a full-fledged sit-down Thai restaurant, however.”

Hopefully it opens soon. Lots of people love Thai X-ing on nearby Florida Avenue, NW so hopefully this space will offer similar quality.

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  • Another take out? It would be nice to have more sit down places in the area, but I hear Thai X-ing is good so hopefully they’ll grant a zoning exception for her.

  • This place is about a block from me, I can’t wait to have another close food option. Hopefully they’ll get it rezoned because they could have a ton of outdoor seating on that corner.

  • You have got to be kidding me. First Dickson Wine, now Beau Thai? Has the naming of bars and restaurants around here really come to this? I’d be happier with the totally uncreative naming of businesses by their house number than these bad double entendres.

    • silly double entendres are pretty much an epidemic in the dc thai restaurant world.

      • and the pet store world.

        remember the disturbingly named “pet dreams”.

        i’m sure there are others. maybe the thao restaurant people don’t think we know how to to pronounce “thai” and are trying to help.

  • Sad, I would prefer another genre of food, regardless, Thai is so much better than a Chinese take out place.

  • Wish Beau Thai all the success in the world…Shaw needs it…on an kind of related matter…does anyone know the status of Toque Cafe at 6th and R Street? Is this going forward or another stalled Shaw project?

    • I ran into the guy opening Toque Cafe last week. He says that he’s got crews in there every day and is aiming to open next month.

  • Yay! I’m moving a block away from that place soon – will definitely be a convenient option when I don’t have time to wait for Thai X-ing.

  • Truxton Circle blowin’ up!

  • Thanks for the update Brian in Shaw…great to know SOMETHING stays on track in Shaw! Looking forward to Toque Cafe!

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