Residential Street Sweeping Resumes March 22nd

3200 block of 16th Street, NW

Last week a reader asked when residential street cleaning resumed. Word came out yesterday afternoon from DPW:

“On Monday, March 22, 2010, daytime mechanical street sweeping will resume in scheduled residential neighborhoods where signs are posted indicating that this will take place. Now that the snow has melted, there’s now quite a bit of litter and debris in certain areas. Residents are again reminded to observe the street cleaning signs so our sweepers can resume cleaning residential streets. Alternate-side parking restrictions in these areas will go into effect as well. Parking tickets, which carry a $30 fine, will be issued, beginning March 29, to vehicles parked during street sweeping hours in areas posted with “No Parking/Street Cleaning” signs. Beginning March 29, parked cars also may be towed to allow the sweepers access to the curbside. Generally, parking is prohibited for two hours while sweeping is underway.”

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  • ah

    Does this mean that complaints about “unjustified” towing from residential streets also resume on March 22?

  • Whoa. So it’s 3 more weeks ’til any street cleaning happens? That’s crazy. I live in Columbia Heights just off of 14th street and the streets are *disgusting* right now.

    What’s the DPW doing in the meantime to keep things clean?

  • I have been cleaning my own street in both directions for three houses. How about we all keep our own space clean then the “scam” wouldn’t be necessary.

    I actually once had a lady ask why I was picking up trash in the street.

    • i clean my corner and the house next to me. i found that after i do that people are less likely to throw trash on the ground too.

      • While I think that in theory it’s a great idea to just clean up after our own space on a residential street, it’s not always possible.

        I’m 7 months pregnant right now and just picking up the litter that gets tossed in my yard is about the extent of what I’m physically able to do. And there’s are three enormous apartment buildings and a public park on my block, and I’m not exactly in a position to mobilize the folks that live in these public housing units to start picking up their garbage.

        And the filth in the streets I’m talking about is more than just pieces of litter that can be picked up. There’s tons of smaller debris–dirt, leaves, flakes of asphalt and stuff that’s come up from the surface of the street…much of this is a direct result of the snowfall, and will only be cleaned off by a significant precipitation event (which will clog the gutters), a street cleaning machine, or a push broom.

  • Remember, when there is street cleaning on your street, that means 61% of the people on your street agreed to it (perhaps it was neighborhood by neighborhood). I presume you can get rid of it too.

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