Reports of Shooting and Black Helicopter by Georgia Ave. Wed. Evening


I got two separate tips from readers that I’m guessing are related. First a reader writes:

“I was on the 70 bus on my way home and there was one cop on the scene and an older black man was sprawled out on the side of the road [Ed. Note: Georgia Ave but no side street was given] in front of a grocery/liquor store (I was looking at the man). FYI. I’m sure there will be a police report soon.”

I have not seen an MPD report yet. Another reader writes to my PoPville twitter feed:

“strange black helicopter circling around Georgia and Irving for the past 15 minutes. (Pretty sure it’s real, too…)”

The “Pretty sure it’s real, too…” part cracked me up. But obviously something very serious happened. The incidents took place around 6:30pm Wed. evening. I’ll update as more info becomes available.

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  • I was driving to a meeting at 7pm and was not allowed to make a left hand turn onto Georgia. I saw about 5 cops, and a whole bunch of other cops in bullet proof vests. Good sight to see on Georiga Avenue, but I hope no one was hurt.

  • Not sure if I saw the same thing, but about 5:20pm on Kansas between Shepherd and Taylor MPD had the street blocked with cruisers at each end and a single DC Fire ambulance in the middle of the block. I also saw the black helicopter about an hour later, but doubt that’s anything to do with MPD. They use their helicopter and Park Police helicopter pretty much exclusively, and they’re both white and blue. This was the classic black helicopter with no [visible] tail markings.

    • I have seen black helicopters on the Pentagon parking lot, even parked and walked up to it in 2002- the guys didn’t mind at all and were busy talking shop to other guys in uniform. This one had tail markings in black, so black on black.

      what are they for?

  • I’m not sure if this is a different instance, but at around 6:45 this man was hit by a car at GA Ave and Otis Pl, within seconds there were several police officers on the scene. I was walked home and I right in front of me this man trying to cross GA Ave was hit by a silver F150 and was sent flying in the air. He was bleeding from his nose, but he was moving and responding to people talking to him.

  • Exit the stargate initial perception quickens my heart rate
    This dark place planet Earth orbits one star
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  • PoP has probably never witnessed such a random, deep hiphop citation.

  • I saw the helicopter too around 5:45 or 6. It wasn’t moving when I passed. It was hovering. I thought it a bit ominous at the time.

  • What law enforcement agency uses the black helicopters?

    • Federal ones we probably shouldn’t be talking about. They do have cute nicknames like ‘Ross’ and ‘Jena’ though. Just wave and say ‘hi’ so the facial recognition cameras know who you are 🙂

    • ah

      How exactly does the helicopter help? Is the suspect going to be running through open fields so they can help track him down?

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