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  • thought it was good… but it didnt really stand out from the crowd for me.

  • I thought this place was great, everyone was super friendly and helpful in walking us through the menu. They have rotating specials for Happy Hour, their sushi – unagi and spicy tuna rolls were some of the best I’ve tasted. And the grilled pork belly…drool.

  • I had great hopes for this place, but the prices are just too high across the board. My fear is that people won’t order enough of the non-sushi stuff (pretty much the whole reason for this joint to exist!) and that the real izakaya items will slowly disappear from the menu.

  • We went the first week they were open, and while the food was good, the prices and services were not. It was probably one of the more expensive meals I’ve had, ounce-for-ounce. $100+ later and I was nowhere near satisfied. And I get that all restaurants have service issues in the first week or two, but this was really something. The rice balls (delish, btw) arrived 15 minutes after we had finished the last item we ordered.

    Recommendations: kumquat martini (or some asian twist on it); grilled rice balls with the pickled plum tucked inside; some grilled chicken thing with an amazing, unfamiliar flavor… maybe more pickled plum?

  • Ate there recently for the first time. Waiter was serving as much attitude as food; was somewhat argumentative, which was particularly poor form when having brought the wrong wine order. A more senior service person was very good in the followup, however. Overall, a very bad first impression based upon service alone. Food was fairly good. Management: pls focus on training/retraining wait staff. Get them to be as courteous as the host and other senior people seemed to appreciate the need to be.

  • The real question is does it have good sashimi. People will rave about sushi joints because they have good rolls. A great sushi joint has outstanding sashimi because there is nothing there to mask the flavor (good or bad) of the fish. So how’s the fish?

  • the stand out? the rice ball.

  • I would recommend sitting at one of the bars to avoid the service issues. The sushi chef is an actual, literal sushi chef (as opposed to some guy who happens to be japanese and who happens to have studied sushi making for a couple of years if that) so hence the high prices. Everything was fresh and yummy- I highly recommend the pork belly, which melts in your mouth.

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