Homicide on 3500 Block of 14th Street, NW & Shooting at 8th and N Streets, NW

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A number of readers have written in about this incident. Here’s the official word from MPD:

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch are currently investigating a homicide that occurred in the 3500 block of 14th Street, NW.

At approximately 2:36 a.m. on Tuesday, March 9, 2010, officers from the Third District responded to the 3500 block of 14th Street, NW, to investigate the possible report of trouble at that location. Upon arrival, officers discovered an unidentified male believed to be an adult, suffering from apparent multiple stab wounds. The victim was transported by personnel from the D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department to an area hospital where he was subsequently pronounced dead.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call police at (202) 727-9099 or 1-888-919-CRIM [E] (1-888-919-2746).

Council Member Jim Graham adds:

“Dear Friends, around 3 AM this morning, an as yet to be identified Latino male was fatally stabbed in the 3500 block of 14th St NW…at a location just north of the gas station.

MPD does not have an identification on the victim at this point, nor have any arrests been made.

All I have been told is that the victim was walking on 14th St and some kind of argument occurred on the sidewalk, with the stabbing resulting.”

And in other crime news there was also a shooting at 8th and N Streets, NW last night:

“Residents of PSA 308 need to be aware that around 8:30pm tonight, there was a shooting at the intersection of 8th and N Street, NW. As a result 1 adult male was transported to a local hospital. The suspect vehicle is described as a silver, four door, late-model vehicle.”

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  • nothing serious here, it’s the city life. I’m sure if you move to the burbs this kinds of things will happen there too, maybe at the mall. And if this was a bunch of white males stabbing and shooting each other you could even find it amusing. oh and… boys will be boys.

    • Well played, sir. Well played. Lol.

    • not a bad attempt to hit every PoP meme here. city vs burbs – check. race card – check. boys will be boys – check.

      however, you forgot a few:

      clearly this victim should have been paying more attention. he was probably jogging with his ipod on. also, his momma should have been paying attention to where her son was at night, c’mon and parent people! and they’ll probably just lock up his assailant and pointlessly imprison someone in our overcrowded, unsustainable prison system when what he needs is therapy to get better.

      (check check and check on blame the victim, blame parenting, and point out ills of law enforcement society)

      exiting troll mode, this is disconcerting. uptick in violent crime with warmer weather came fast. that block seems to be continually inhabited by people just hanging out at all hours. never inspires great feelings walking by.

    • While you say that in jest, I am eagerly awaiting the first idiot who considers this a normal event, to tell me to not to be disturbed by it and I should probably go back to drinking my latte at Target or move to Bethesda.

  • You forgot that it is the fault of stupid bikers, hippies, vegiterians and SUV drivers.

  • DC is scary. No point in ever responding to people when they try to argue with you or steal from you or whatever they want to do. Who knows if they will just decide to stab you or shoot you and kill you. Obviously your life has no value to them and they know their odds are good of never getting caught, too. Unpredictable, irrational, violent people are scary.

  • Mendelson is an ass who lives in Tunlaw and never has to deal directly with crime. Read this:


    Of course, our entire council and executive leadership lives in nice areas for the most part and generally laughs at those of us living in more dangerous areas.

  • “…just north of the gas station” = north of Parkwood Pl.

  • I’m a little confused… the 3500 blk is south of the Exxon. Where did this actually go down?

  • I’m a s/w/f considering moving to this area. Is it generally unsafe or are there certain pockets to avoid? Thanks for any wisdom.

  • I live a block from there, and I have a firm 8pm cutoff for going over to the convenience store. If it’s after 8, I’ll walk 3 times the distance– in the other direction– to the Giant. The bad vibe around there has only increased since they put the multi-colored benches in that little “park”.

  • I lived at 1445 Otis (right in Avoidance area’s area) and I found it livable, but a bit rough and I’m a 30ish, in shape male. I can’t really say I’d recomend it for a swf…There are just too many folks who hang out around there who get drunk at all hours and bother women walking by…I had one guy grab my date’s ass as we were walking right by the area of 14th street where dude got stabbed last night…

  • As you can see by my name, I live on the 1400 block of Meridian, just below that patch of roughness. To the s/w/f: I’m a mid-20’s female and never have any trouble. However, I always see a bunch of guys hanging around on the corner just ahead of where I turn off (around 14th and Ogden). Columbia Heights is great, just varies drastically from block to block. I’d say you are safe from the metro all the way to Meridian. Any further, and you getting into harassment territory.

  • I hate to say it, since I live just a few blocks from here, but that section “avoidance” filled in is pretty right on.

    One of the biggest issues on that stretch is la carolina at 14 and Spring. Every weekend, the place is a total mess w/ loud, over-served patrons leaving at 2:30-3:00. The cops are there almost every night breaking up fights and trying to clear the area. I wouldn’t be shocked if this stabbing was somehow traced to that place.

  • No, I was saying don’t get your hopes up and don’t fall for that ‘engage the system’ crap. Understand our leadership does not care, and your fate is in your own hands. I am moving out, myself, two months and a wake up. Can’t wait! DC is for the rich and poor, not the middle class. (generalizing there a bit of course)

  • Ugh, above comment was in response to TonyS.

  • You work hard to get into this country only to die at the hands of some street punks in this country of violence. Miss you always Elmo.

    • Thank you for recognizing that some people are truly innocent victims that are senselessly cut down before their time. Elmo was a Great Man! And for you people that claim that you’re native to Columbia Heights not to mention DC, giving us….. true Washingtonians, your useless spurious , totally out of touch opinions, please just keep it to yourself. We know you’re ignorant, no need to hear it. I find it shameful that people are finding this tragic event including many other tragedies, as if the victims are everyday thugs and criminals. It could’ve been any one of us. And this was a case of that!

  • I live right up the street and I should just be the guy to put this out there: the guy stabbed wasn’t a PoP commenter. I’m upset that there was a stabbing so close to my home, but I don’t feel threatened personally. These are inter-Salvadoran beefs that get played out in front of the Salvadoreno at 3:00 am.

    If you google that place, you’ll find a few more famous stabbings that happened in there several years ago. My neighbors tell me about the guy who got stabbed in front of my house seven years ago. My how this block has changed. A house falling over on Perry just sold for almost $600k.

    Stabbings are bad news, but I think it’s important to remember that we continue to improve the neighborhood by moving here and encouraging local businesses. When I read about people retreating from this area it makes me disappointed and a little bit sad.

    Onward and upward. Hopefully, La Mara and the related culture will lose the battle for this neighborhood. I, for one, will soldier on, continuing to shop at Panam and to walk home from the Red Derby without fear. Hoorah.

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