Google Maps Places Dulles Airport in the Heart of DC

Dulles in Shaw

This is pretty funny. A reader writes:

“Something must be up with google maps. Apparently the Washington Cathedral and Dulles International Airport are in Shaw. Who knew? See link here.”

I took a screen shot to preserve it for posterity when they hopefully fix it.  But I think this might be Truxton Circle…

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  • That is Shaw! How funny, hahahaha. Didn’t know the airport was so close.

  • you might also notice Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr. located in the middle of the national mall right in front of the capitol building.

  • it has been like this for quite some time … not sure what the deal with it is. At least they got Church of the snake charmers … er, God’s address correct. Also good to know Dulles is just outside my front door!

  • Jesus, I live where the runway should be. If this were true a plane should be landing on me right about now. And it looks like Q street has open air market for travel now too. Awesome.

  • If you scroll around you’ll also see the National Cathedral and American University conveniently located (according to Googlemaps) within a few blocks of here. Does anyone know the story of how these locations get marked?

  • The long-awaited investment in Shaw has finally arrived!

    Who knew it would come in the form of a cathedral and an international airport?

    Whatever works!

  • The National Portrait Gallery used to be at 1st and O NW on Google Maps, but sadly it appears to have moved.

  • The Nationals and DC United both play at Prospect Hill Cemetery (N Capitol and Adams).

  • Pop, I’m sorry to inform you that this link also features a spelling correction: “did you mean 8th?”

    See, we all make mistakes.

  • My theory is that some of these entities, like National Airport, use an address with a zip code of 20001. Why? Maybe because it is a zip code that is actually IN DC and is aesthetically cool looking. Anyhow, Google has these busines addresses but doesn’t know exactly where they are located so it randomly drops them into the zipcode. That’s my theory, I’m just sayin’.

    • The airports are technically part of DC…they both have 202 area codes too! I think at least Dulles has its own zip code.

  • Awesome! I can now consider Dulles again for airport options. Walking to the airport beats metro.

  • Selling short term airport parking at my house!

  • The last time I looked at the Google map of central DC, Q Street NW was not labeled at all; it simply had those one-way arrows in it.

    I suppose a street with Dulles Airport in it doesn’t really need its own name.

    (Captcha: “them married”. Good week for that!)

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