Good Deal or Not? “New Zen inspired Condos” Edition


These condos are located at 2029 13th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“New Zen inspired Condos in hot U St. location!!!! 1 bed/ 1 bath LARGE patio unit. Features included: high ceilings, hardwood floors, tons of windows, granite counter tops, breakfast bar, SS appliances, modern designed, sound system, walking closets patio. Bonus: parking availabe for sale. One block from Metro, Restaurants and Shops. Yes, FHA Aprroved.”

You can find more info and photos here.

Well the location of these condos are pretty amazing. Though this is the first time I’ve seen a converted rowhouse translate into 1 bedroom condos. Unit #2 is a 1 bed/1.5 bath going for $409,000 (with a $220 condo fee). And Unit #1 is also a 1 bed/1.5 bath going for $439,000 (with a $220 condo fee). What do you think of the units themselves? Either price sound reasonable?

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  • New Zen inspired Condos in hot U St. location!!!!”

    “The dharma: suffering, impermanence, emptiness, no self” – Bill Porter

  • walking closets are pretty unique

  • hell no. these units are completely overpiced. what year do they think it is? 2006? They didn’t list square footage, but my guess is that these units are no more than 600SF. And I know U St is hot, but it’s nowhere near as nice a neighborhood as Gtown, Dupont, or Logan.

    Unit #1 is a basement 1 BR. and they want $439K. yeah I know parking is included but that’s absolutely laughable.

    Look at your other options in that price range:

  • I don’t understand the difference in price, and why the basement is more expensive than the above-ground unit.

  • Yeah, the prices are confusing. I think the $409k one might actually not be too far off, but with the $439k basement – they missed that one by a mile – I’m thinking high $200’s.

  • Perfectly reasonable price for the 13th & U hood. The whiners who can’t afford to buy it should shut up and get a better job.

  • Not a good deal but I think it will sell close to that price. I think someone w/ deep enough pockets will fall in love with the porch and location.

    When I see a listing like this I kick myself. When Donatelli (and Klein) built the Harrison Square Row/Townhouses one block up the corner
    units with two car garages were listed at 425k…I could not afford that but I had a chance at a lesser unit and balked.

  • That is definitely the case about posters on this site. While personally I wouldn’t pay 400k+ for a 1 bedroom condo — there are people out there that will. Just like the numerous threads on here… I only pay x for my rental which is supposedly nicer and therefore it is not conceivable that someone would pay X for a basement unit.

    I was once in that boat where everything seemed ridiculous when I wasn’t making as much money in my mid 20’s.

    Lot area is 1307 sq/ft… My guess is that the unit is around 900 sq/ft. I don’t get why that isn’t listed either as it is part of the condo conversion process in DC.

  • @ last 3 posters – I understand what you’re saying with some people not getting that just because you wouldn’t pay X for something doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t – but I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. I challenge you to find another 1BR basement apt that has sold anywhere in DC in the past year or 2 for over $400k.

  • you could look at the DC property tax database.. which lists 3 condos in the building

    here are the SF numbers:
    1048 SF – My gues is that this is Unit 3 which sold for $612K in 2009

    So the other two condos are selling for over $650/SF

    According to redfin:

    The median rate for a condo is $550/SF, so clearly these units are overpiced.

  • yeah.. if the units are that small… it is definitely overpriced. Onsite parking can only command around 25k for a uncovered space

  • That living room/dining room is almost non existent – I had to look at it a few times before I realized my eyes weren’t deceiving me. I did like the look of the kitchen and bath. But nice finishes don’t necessarily make up for lack of space. If I was looking I would think $390,000 would be more likely – especially in today’s market.

    Location is convenient which always means the price is higher. As to Unite #2 unit I can’t see me paying over $400,000 for that – at least in today’s market (in 2005/2006 I could see that). The bathroom may seem a bit more lux (if it really is) but not enough to justify paying a higher price for a basement unit (harder to sell anyway I would have though).

  • I live next door to these townhouses. People have been working on them and fixing them up every day since I moved in last September and I’ve always been curious about what they look like inside. The porch is strange because it’s all black metal, but it has a spiral staircase which is pretty neat. Not sure if they’re worth what they’re listed as, but I love the location and if I had the money I’d certainly buy them. Looking forward to someone moving in so I don’t wake up early on Saturday mornings to people banging outside of my window.

  • >Not sure if they’re worth what they’re listed as, but I love the location and if I had the money I’d certainly buy them.

    But if it’s not worth the listing price, why would you still pay that much for it if you had the money?

    One of the cardinal rules of real estate is that a property is worth whatever someone will pay for it. If there are multiple bidders on this “overpriced” property and they accept an offer $20K above the listing price, then that’s what the property was worth, “overpriced” or not.

    (Lauren, I’m not picking on you personally.)

  • Blah, Blah, Blah. Buy in Petworth – the final untarnished frontier!

  • So what if you bought a bit further away for half the price and then spent $50.00 a week on taxis to frequent the hot spots – that’s still only $2,400.00 a year.

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