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  • FedEx has had a relationship w/ USPS to have dropboxes at most USPS locations since 2000 or 2001, I think.

  • Something about that branch makes me smile. That section of the city seems slated for some fast coming changes. Already the laundromat is gone…..

    captcha — harbin hot springs! Now we’re talking!

  • That dingy, unkept Post Office for us in 20009 should be slated for some changes; like a new entrance door, and a good long overdue cleaning inside.

  • I could care less what the post office looks like. The worst thing about that place is the staff. They are surly and move in slow motion.

  • Good to see that the ice in front of that building has finally melted.

  • …and let’s not mention the slow mail delivery.

  • It proves what I always suspected..
    That Fedex charges you 20$ and then sends your package via regular mail for 4$

  • I was just thinking about that Post Office location yesterday: so dingy and run-down (the slow-mo workers are actually pretty friendly and helpful if you give them a smile and treat them like human beings, but they are very slow)- USPS should think of moving to the Target/Marshalls location up 14th street. Or at least opening a small post office location there.

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