Don’t Forget Sober Ride Tonight

Old Driver.
Photo by PoPville flickr user JosephLeonardo

Don’t forget this great service:

“If you plan to celebrate, please do so responsibly. WRAP’s 2010 St. Patrick’s Day SoberRide program will be offered from 4 pm, Wednesday, March 17 to 4 am, Thursday, March 18, 2010. To receive a free cab ride home, please call 800-200-8294 (TAXI) or #8294 (TAXI) on your AT&T wireless phone.”

Have fun!

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  • It’s a great service. In theory.

    I’ve never been able to get this service to work. Every time I’ve called in the past, I’ve never been told anything quicker than a 90-minute wait.

  • It’s all PR. Never worked in 10 plus years of trying…

  • i wonder if i can take it *to* the bar at 6:30

  • Yeah, I’ve never met anyone who was able to get a ride from this service – myself included. What a joke.

    But please don’t drink and drive tonight, or any night.

  • Everyone go out and have a good time tonight, but be safe, and remember it’s amateur night, so expect to see a lot of dumb people who cant hold their liquor acting rudely and puking everywhere.

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