Dear PoP – What’s Up with Rita’s in Columbia Heights?


“Dear PoP,

Do you know what happened the Rita’s Custard and Italian Ice in Columbia Heights? It was due to open on March 20th—but now it seems like it is closed permanently. Do you know anything more?

Rita’s will be missed!”

Sorry for the delay in answering this question but I wanted to get to it now because I saw a tweet from @theheightslife saying that Rita’s in Columbia Heights Plaza has closed. Yes it absolutely has closed. But all hope is not lost for Rita fans. We have to consider this scuttlebutt, I haven’t been able to confirm yet, but another reader spoke with some workers in the Rita’s on Sunday and they said that they were relocating across the street, most likely into a DC USA space. I’ll be sure to update if and when I can confirm.

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  • Why would a small boutique ice cream place move from a small boutique location to a large box store spot across the street? I have no idea how it stayed in business (or any ice cream pace for that matter) – we just had 4 months of brutal winter – can’t be many Italian Ice cravings during that time…

  • That is a great photo!

  • i wouldn’t call it a “small boutique ice cream place” with 5 other locations in DC alone –

  • all Rita’s generally close during the winter but make enough money in the summer. I LOVE Rita’s! And the place always seemed packed in the summer. And with the new fountain on the plaza it seemed like an awesome location. I do hope they reopen soon.

  • i’m regularly disappointed when no one else in DC knows the words to the Rita’s jingle. in my opinion, none of these people deserve to be ‘cool’ or ‘happy’ or have ‘put a smile on their face’.

  • It was a lame excuse so they didn’t have to participate in Free Rita’s Day (March 21 – first day of spring). I don’t really like wooder ice anyway.

  • I am not a big fan but this place is always PACKED in summer, I too don’t see the point of paying more rent for a bigger space across the way. Unless they go into that tiny circular space in the lobby of DCUSA, that would probably be cheap and attract a ton of business.

    I would love a REAL ice cream place in Columbia Heights (so long as it is not something horrific like Carvel or Maggie Moo’s). Something local like Gifford’s or Larry’s would be AMAZING for one of the vacant spaces.

  • It would be great if that spot could be combined with the SCORE spot next store. I hate to say this, but even Julia’s could relocate, maybe to Tivoli or the Riggs Building. Then there would be a nice spot for a good cafe with outdoor seating right on that plaza. I think of it almost like The Height’s outdoor area. That would really be a great spot.

  • What is water ice? Is it just a sno-cone?

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