Dear PoP – What pest control services do your readers use?

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“Dear PoP,

I’m looking for someone who can get rid of roaches and termites in the new house I bought. Do your readers have any recommendations of companies that are reliable and affordable?”

Readers gave some suggestions for rodent control here. Of course termites are probably the most important problem to deal with. Who do you guys recommend for termite and other insect eradication?

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  • I use Connor’s –

    They seem fine.

  • I went with Terminex.

  • My condo did terminex and they got the job done. For commercial jobs, these guys are great.

  • Atek Pest Management out of College Park. I’ve been using them for years and trust all of their staff.

  • We use Home Paramount for our 4 unit condo building. They always show up when they say they will, and are reasonably priced.

  • I use Terminex. They’ve taken care of any bugs I’ve had.

  • American Pest Management, because my friend works there. But the technicians were great too.

  • When we bought our house, we inherited a warranty contract from Dixon’s Termite and Pest Control on Georgia Ave. When we found termites in an area of the basement that had leaked water, they came promptly, inspected it, and treated the area the next day for free, no questions asked.

    Later, when we renewed the warranty, the technician gave an incredibly thorough inspection. That man is a SCIENTIST: he taught me the warning signs to look for in the spring, measured and annotated each spot of damage, and insisted that we call them for free inspection and/or treatment if we notice any bugs or growth of the damaged spots.

    I can’t recommend Dixon’s highly enough, and since they’re a local company based in Shepherd Park, they know these old houses really well.

  • We use a service called our 5 cats, and it must work pretty well: we don’t have any bugs that live more than a couple minutes! (Also, we’ve never had termites, and we keep woodpile well away from house foundation.)

  • I also recommend Dixon’s Pest Control (202-882-6565) as an effective local business. We had a persistent bug problem, but they came and sprayed twice and took care of it.

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